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Dmitrievna Cheledkova

born in 1992 •

Biography and information

Oil painting. A willful and obstinate technique that does not reveal to everyone the secrets of comprehending the material. All the more so is the circle of her admirers. And the circle of artists who own the secrets of technology, bright and confident, does not change itself over the centuries is by no means large. Goncharova Lilia is an artist who masters the technique of Oil Painting, one of the most complex techniques in the world of fine arts.

The first impression of her work is an emotional attitude towards a bright perception of the world. Light sadness of a dull autumn day, the beauty and scent of flowers, the piercing gaze of wild animals, the feeling of the materiality of the world that lies in every picture.

An exhibition, an album, any presentation of creativity is a reason to talk about the private and the general. About the author and time. About the manner and its place at a certain period in the development of art. Goncharova Lilia is an artist of Russian origin. Her creative individuality was formed in the conditions inherent in a given territory, difficult and, nevertheless, surprisingly creative.

Lilia made the choice doubly difficult, since her first professional education had nothing to do with art. After school, she chose the specialty "jurisprudence". But she could not give up herself, thereby taking on double obligations - at the same time to receive the profession of a lawyer and art education. In the second case, the training took place in a practical way (according to the principle of the studio) in the workshops of the Austrian School of Arts .. In particular, the mixed technique of the artists with whom she worked in the learning process influenced the choice of technique.

The influence of the teacher, or one's own conviction in the correctness of the choice - today it is difficult to say unequivocally what was the turning point for the decision on the future path. This was the path of the artist. And by and large, it allows us to talk about several important things - predestination and the ability to believe in yourself, about perseverance and the desire to find your place in life, finally, talent. After all, Lilia felt like an artist from an early age, perceiving the world in images.

Lilia's inner world is filled with creativity, because the second passion was music. She even seriously thought about becoming a musician. But deciding on a creative profession in Russia is not easy. Reality gives a lot of reverse examples, when artists, actors, musicians move on to much more pragmatic pursuits. The final decision came after the first exhibition in 2012.

The hypostasis of the author's sensation, perhaps, is the picture "The Amur Tiger", his piercing gaze evokes a feeling of awe before the power of the wild nature of Russia! She is closely connected with a trip to the Amur Region. During her visit to the Zeya State Reserve, Lilia was imbued with the spirit of her native nature, which was reflected in the collection of paintings dedicated to the wildlife of the wild. Each picture of the animalistic genre believably conveys the emotions of the animal, and the depth of their eyes does not leave the observer indifferent.
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