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Ingram Stalkfleet

born in 1982 • artist

Biography and information

I have an extremely traumatic event happen to me and I started painting abstract art for therapeutic reasons. I have been since diagnosed schizophrenic, bi-polar/manic depressive. I started realizing the quality and uniqueness of my art when I used google lens to scan photos of my art and it brought up paintings by Jackson Pollock, who I had heard of but was very unfamiliar with most of his work and technique. I only use brushes and paint pens to create my art though. There are some of my pieces, I have never seen anything like them so far as I have searched. I have sold a few to friends, but most of them sit in my moms basement where I currently live. There is always the all seeing eye some where in every piece I do, it is done subconsciously. My experience is only matched by the process Carl G. Jung used to create the self psychoanalysis he experienced writing and creating ‘The Red Book’. Which was just published in 2009 and is greatly under researched.