Sergeevich Nebolsin

Russia • Voronezh • born in 1988 • artist
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Biography and information

My name is Maxim, I was born in 1988, was born and live in the city of Voronezh.
My father was a suburban worker, an electrician. From childhood, my father instilled a love for manual labor, accuracy, but in relation to my penchant for creativity he was intolerant - he always believed that I needed to develop the exact sciences, train a mathematical mindset and ultimately enter a technical or economic university. My mother is the daughter of a military pilot and a German teacher. In contrast to my father, she instilled in me a love of art, painted very well (and draws), pulled me up in my creative endeavors.
In 2003 I graduated from high school, in 2004 I entered
The Russian State Trade and Economic University (named after G.V. Plekhanov), after studying there for a year and a half, I realized that economic education was not for me and dropped out. Soon, due to the deteriorating financial situation in the family, he was forced to urgently unlearn at the Vocational School as an electric and gas welder and go to work. After graduation, he worked and changed many firms and organizations - from small individual entrepreneurs to large industries, briefly tried himself in many professions - he was a painter-decorator, plumber, locksmith, installer, he seriously tried himself in the field of a hairdresser, but the main and the longest in experience until now, the profession is a welder. Having deepened and strengthened my knowledge in the practical part of this profession, I decided to "please my father" and enter the Voronezh State Technical University, specializing in "Welding, automation and diagnostics engineer", which I did in 2016, where I am studying to this day. If just a few years ago I was very skeptical about the profession of a welder and constantly thought to change it, then the creation of sculptures using welding was a real discovery for me. So, formally, I have been seriously engaged in art since 2018, not counting the individual works made years earlier, so I can be considered a novice artist, who has not yet been shown at any exhibitions.
I am mainly engaged in the creation of sculptures from metals, in particular - from steel. All over the world in the heavy metal-working industry there is an enormous cycle of steel. All these numerous rusting dumps of scrap metal lying in the suburbs are not just like that: sooner or later, they will end up in smelting furnaces, and from the resulting material they will continue to make various metal structures, machines and other pieces of iron ... and so on in a circle.
I am a person who works among all this bulk of metals and allows myself to pull out only small particles of material from scrap boxes to create my sculptures. And all this is under the watchful eye of higher management and their prohibition to create during working hours. Isn't it underground art? One of the main ideas of my work is the desire to prove to people that an employee of an industrial enterprise (read - a factory) is not necessarily tired of routine, mired in household and other worries, not a very literate and well-mannered individual, but a person who, on the contrary, has a sense of beauty, craving to creativity, in spite of the gray routine and circumstances that have developed around him, but who creates exactly the things of the art world, and not the world of handicraft made of "bolts and nuts", feeling a specific line and level between these concepts. Also, there are and will be different projects, a lot will be devoted to the protection of the environment and ecology - a topic of no small importance to me personally, as for a person directly observing the causes of environmental damage in production.