Valentinovna Verpeta

Russia • Krasnoyarsk • born in 1972
Artist in social media
Graduated from the Chelyabinsk Art College in 1991
In 1997 she graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute
From 1999-2002 she trained in the creative painting workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts in Krasnoyarsk.
since 2002 Member of the Union of Artists of Russia
participant of city, regional, all-Russian and international art exhibitions.

Works are in museums and private collections in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and China.

Lives and works in Krasnoyarsk.

Irina gives the impression of a very soft and bright person. Her works support the image of a painter capable of bringing light and joy to people. I would like to call the landscapes a hymn to the Cote d'Azur. Resonant, light colors, as if penetrated by the sun, the blueness of the sky and water create a feeling of unusually clean air ...
According to many experts, the artist was formed in the classical drawing tradition, but departs from realistic painting canons in favor of conventional and abstract forms. All compositions are based on color contrasts.
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