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born in 1959 •

Biography and information

Artist Lyusya Yelesina was born in 1959 in a village in the Vologda Region. From the age of 12 she studied at the Secondary Art Boarding School. B. Ioganson in Leningrad (Art School, Lyceum). Vladislav Senchukov, Larisa Kirillova, Konstantin Ivanov, German Samarin are the first teachers. During her studies, Lyusya was supported by the famous artist Viktor Oreshnikov. At school, Lusya received the first encouragement of her talent - the II degree Diploma of the All-Union Competition for the work "Into the Bath". Yelesina's stories were included in the third issue of the book about the Sketches of Time school in Toronto. The author of the project is the artist-architect Yevgeny Zhilinsky.
After leaving school, Yelesina studied at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Repin of the Academy of Arts. Teachers - Peter Kiparisov, Sergei Repin. Drawing teacher Alexander Korolev. Workshop of monumental painting of the People's Artist of the USSR, Academician A.A. She graduated from Mylnikov in 1985 with excellent marks, having received a diploma of an artist-teacher.
The copying of frescoes by Dionysius in Ferapontovo, the Transfiguration Cathedral of the Mirozh Monastery and the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in Meletovo influenced the further development of the artist.
1985 - joining the youth section of the Union of Artists.
Since 1988 - a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Yelesina works a lot on orders: this can include the creation of a panel for the Uzbek Cotton Refinery 340 sq.m. 1982, work on the triptych "Russian Wedding" for the "Russians" hall of the Museum of Ethnography (creation of three sketches from 1990 to 1994), work for the Military Medical Museum in St. Petersburg, for the municipality of Tartu, creation of the mosaic panel "Peace and Creation "40 sq.m. for one of the Kazakh state farms –1991.

The artist's works graced the premiere of the play "Saint Vladimir" directed by Yuri Tomoshevsky on the small stage of the BDT - 1991.
Lyudmila took part in the charity telethon "Revival of St. Petersburg" - 1992.

1995 - Yelesina received a Diploma of the Mariinsky Theater Trustee Foundation.

Of the large number of personal exhibitions, the exhibition at the Rumyantsev Mansion of the State Museum of the History of the City of St. Petersburg in 1998 collected the largest number of her works - 130 oil paintings, watercolors, tempera.

Work in 2003 at the porcelain painting school "HPS Porzellanmalerei", book illustrations for German publications dedicated to the history of cities, museums and castles, drawings for music discs and posters supplemented the circle of her artistic practice, and membership in the art associations "Wall", " Kunstverein Glinde ”, the group“ Artell ”- her sphere of professional communication.

Yelesina took part in 2007 in the Hamburg cultural festival of sister cities Hamburg - St. Petersburg.
The artist made the icon "John the Baptist" for the Church of the Holy Trinity in Hamburg. The icon was painted in a modern style corresponding to the icon of Our Lady located in the church by the famous Polish artist Jerzy Novosilsky.

Personal exhibitions in Germany: Parkresidenz "Alstertal", the estate Sonke-Nissen-Park Stiftung, in the church of St. Procopius, in the churches Pauluskirche Altona, Hauptkirche St. Trinitatis Altona ("Fireworks from Russia"), in the gallery "Tornberg Galerie" ("Russians motives "), the Krol music school," Musikfabrik Blackmores "," Galerie Dreiklang "," Tschaikowsky-Saal "- aroused keen interest of the public and responses in the press.

Exhibitor of more than fifty Russian and foreign joint exhibitions, some of which are:
800 years "Words about Igor's regiment", "Orthodox Russia", "Interior and still life", "Link of times", "80 years of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists", the annual exhibition "Petersburg" in St. Petersburg, "The Artist and Time" , "Monuments of the Fatherland", "Space in the Service of Peace" in Moscow.

"Hamburg. Live from Russia" a joint project with the artist A. Alkhovsky and the Beethoven duet, "form-art" in Glinda, "Fluffy Guardians of St. Petersburg" in Helsinki.

Yelesina illustrated two musical discs "Dances of the World" and "The Seasons", created posters and sets for the project "The Magic Flute" carried out in the Mozart Hall of the Masonic Lodge in Hamburg and at the Comedy Theater am Kurfürstendamm in Berlin in 2013

Constant active contacts with art galleries in Russia, Europe and the USA (Delta Gallery, Artist's Shop, Heritage Salon in St. Petersburg, East-West Gallery in San Francisco, Russian-Art-Gallery San Diego, "Kunst Glas", "Tornberg Galerie" and "Galerie Dreiklang" in Germany, Bijurino Gallery in Italy).

Lucy has repeatedly performed with a solo program of Russian folk songs.
Currently, Lyudmila Yelesina is involved in the restoration of the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet in the Vologda region.
2017 - The work of the artist adorned the Russian hall in the Aragvi restaurant in Moscow.
Participation in the open-air and exhibition project "Discovering Italy. Liguria 2018".

The artist received an honorable mention in 2009, as well as Diplomas in 2011-2017 at exhibitions timed to coincide with the Alekseevskaya fair, held annually in the Vologda region.
2015 - 2 Diplomas ARTIST TV (Moscow) at exhibitions in Hamburg, New York and Washington. Diploma of the participant of the project "Discovering Italy. Liguria 2018".

Children Fyodor and Vladimir Yelesin. Grandson Pavel and granddaughter Margarita.

The artist's works are kept in private collections in Germany, France, Israel, Italy, China, Japan, Russia, USA and other countries. They are presented in the collections of the Academy of Arts, the Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists of Russia, in the Collection of Contemporary Art of the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", the Mariinsky Theater Charitable Fund, the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, the Museum of the History of Religion, the Museum of Applied Arts of the Elagin Palace in St. Petersburg, in the collection of the Ministry of Culture of Moscow , in the Sevastopol Art Museum. M.P. Kroshitsky, in the collection of the San Domenico Monastery (Italy) and the Vologda Art Gallery.
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