Igorevich Gerzhedovich

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1970
Russian artist Yaroslav Gerzhedovich prefers to paint in darker tones of the artistic spectrum, creating memorable, often monochromatic drawings that are reminiscent of barren lands and something mystical. Following the traditions of classical art and fantasy style, Gerzhedovich paints pictures (often literally) of other worlds and times, easily exciting the imagination of his many fans.

In 2009, Gerzhedovich became a contributor to Shutterstock, and since then his work has appeared everywhere, from websites to album covers, making him increasingly popular.

1985-1989 Leningrad Art School. Serov (now Roerich), St. Petersburg (workshop of Nikolai Nikolaevich Ganzhalo).

Specialty / specialization: painter, graphic artist.

Solo and major group exhibitions

2002 - Exhibition at the Adulter Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia;
2001 - Exhibition at the Naiv Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia;
2001 - "The Intrigue of Illusion", The Sheridan Russel Gallery, London, UK;
1998 - "All Petersburg", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg, Russia;
1997 - "Dialogues", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg, Russia;
1996 - “Russian Art Initiative”, Geneva, Switzerland;
1995 - "Contemporary Art Collection" Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", St. Petersburg, Russia;
1988-1990 - Series of group exhibitions in the Palace of Culture named after Tsyurupa, Shelter Comedian Theater, DK im. Krupskaya, Leningrad;
1987 - Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", Leningrad;
1987 - Exhibition of Graphics, Leningrad Art School named after Serov.

Works are in private collections in Switzerland, England, Germany.
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