Arina (Arine-Khelinya)
Romanchikova (Kurttila)

Kyrgyzstan • Osh Oblasty • born in 2003 • artist
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I was born in 2003 in the Finnish city of Lahti. Later we moved to Estonia, then to Ukraine, then again to Estonia, and in 2018 we settled in Kyrgyzstan, but before the pandemic began, we often traveled where we were. I have Finnish, Bashkir, Russian, Senegalese and Kyrgyz roots. Kyrgyz people have become the most expressive, even though I am written as a Finnish woman: my eyes are squinting, I am small, and most importantly, I love Kyrgyzstan very much and I consider my physical appearance even a highlight to some extent. I have 2 names - Arine-Khelinya Kurttila and Arina Romanchikova. I love singing, painting, sculpting, making films, photographing and writing stories. In general, I am a creative person. In September 2020, on the 23rd, my sister Nurzhazyma was born. Although she is small, I can already see from her that she is a creative person: she willingly listens to my ideas and smiles.
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