Russia • Penza • born in 1988 • artist, art connoisseur
Balakin Artyom Vyacheslavovich
From early childhood he was fond of the visual arts. Graduated with honors from the children's art school.
Participated in all-Russian and international art competitions, won prizes.
Graduated from the Penza Art School named after K.A Savitsky with honors in 2009.
Thesis on the theme: "Portrait of P.P. Semyonov of Tien-Shansky" with praise from the council.
After serving in the army, he works in his specialty. Mostly in the landscape genre.
Permanent participant in city, regional, regional and international competitions and exhibitions. Participation in the international competition Passion to Perform 2018-2019.
Works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, China, Switzerland, Canada and other countries of the world.
Since 2019, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (CXR)
Participation in exhibitions and plein airs.
2009 - Regional art exhibition, Penza
2012-Exhibition in the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2017-Regional art exhibition at the end of the year of the Penza regional branch of the VTOO "SHR". Penza.
2018- "Opening day of debutants", Penza.
2018-Regional exhibition of young artists. Penza
2018 - Regional art exhibition based on the results of creative activity for five years of the Penza regional branch of the WTOO "SHR", Penza, 2018.
2018 International Passion to Perform Competition 2018-2019
2019-Interregional exhibition "Artists of the Central regions of Russia", Lipetsk.
2019 - Regional exhibition of young artists. Penza
2019 - Plein air exhibition of Penza artists. Regional Philharmonic.
2019 - Summer plein air in the village of Kabardinka, Krasnodar Territory (SHR) 2020 - "Opening day of debutants", Penza.
2020 - "View of the young" Penza.
2020 - "Artists of the Penza region", Bekovo
2020- "Kuprin is a real artist, a huge talent" Penza
2020 - All-Russian youth exhibition "New time 2.0" New Tretyakov Central House of Artists (Moscow)
2020 Regional exhibition in Penza

Presented in the catalog "Artists of the Sursk region"
The paintings are in the collection of the Penza Picture Gallery.
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