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Biography and information

Claudio Bandini was born in S. Sofia (FC), where he lives and works. He is known for his innovative fresco technique both on wood and on canvas. He does not paint pre-established subjects. He creates instinctively on supports similar to those of the fresco, the rediscovery of which perfectly suits his expressive needs - albeit with the appropriate modifications to the procedures of the classic fresco creation in order to allow the use of mixed techniques both in fresco and in fresco. dry.

His work begins with a simple intuition that develops gradually through more or less complex lines, through which subsequent interventions are determined by a relationship of emotional interaction with the color used. It is not a short work, which requires continuous concentration ready to grasp the right intuition suggested by the creative process. In this way forms take shape that progressively change in a continuous becoming of art produced as aesthetic and emotional enjoyment. At the end of this process the work is released in its total autonomy.

The pictorial cycles of the last 10 years are part of the research on geometric structures on the surface and their unlimited deformations. They are cycles that, better than others, are combined with the need for the survival of emotions, without which the work of art is born without a soul and therefore without the autonomy necessary to lead the user to discover his own emotions and not. those of the author, which are exhausted in the creative act making them unique and unrepeatable, as will be, from time to time, those induced on individual observers.


The creation process forces the artist to come to terms with himself by engaging him in a tiring inner work, in search of the unknowable truth of life. This is possible only as long as it is possible to delve into the contrasting relationship between the world of real life and the interior one. Between the daily reality imposed by social conventions and the deepest truth of our being….

This process is an effective propeller of knowledge and self-awareness, which reveals truth, even if the ultimate truth will always be elsewhere, since the search for ourselves is an infinite journey into the unknown. Nevertheless this truth, even if partial and limited, is the only one that we are allowed to intuit and grasp in particular mental and psychic conditions….

The magical mystery of the creative process is accomplished with the liberation from the sensible world and from all kinds of cultural superstructures elaborated upstream. The creative process is slow and unpredictable. I proceed slowly in an unknown territory without a visible destination, but where the final landing is always a discovery, surprising and unrepeatable….

I paint for myself, to discover my world, that of elsewhere. A world without a pre-established order, devoid of structure and therefore unpredictable itself. One can only imagine listening to the voice of one's emotions, which are the spice of life and the alchemy that generates one's inner balance….

Mine is an art of survival, which draws impetus from the need to rummage through the emotional labyrinths of my soul in the incessant search for an inner serenity capable of making me at peace with myself in order to be so with all human beings. This inner peace, which is accessible to all and that no one can forbid or steal from us because it belongs to our conscience, has a more powerful positive charge than evil, which in the end will be doomed to succumb if the spirituality of art contaminates the common feeling of society.

The message that can be drawn from it is that of hope for a humanity stripped of its fundamental values, but driven by an ever stronger need in the desperate search for peace and serenity.

Activities: More than 130 solo and group exhibitions in Italy, United States, Argentina, Switzerland, Monte Carlo, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Poland, France, Sweden, Albania, Denmark, England, Mexico, Switzerland.
Main Critics and Curators: Philippe Daverio, Marco Rebuzzi, Xante Battaglia, Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Levi, Gianni Dunil, Ilja Abel, Nina Todorovic, Elena Gollini, Anna Soricaro, Flavia Motolese, Deborah Petroni Mario Napoli, Giorgio Grasso, Rino Cardone.
Works present in museums and foundations including: Berezategui Cultural Center-Buenos Aires (Argentina); Real Academia Sevilla (Spain); De Nittis Foundation (Barletta); Mamec Museum (Cerreto Laziale, Rome); Balì Cartoceto Museum (PU); Campana dei Caduti Museum (Rovereto); Acaya Museum (Lecce); Cariromagna Foundation (Forlì); III Millennium Museum of Policastro; Art Agency (Porto, Portugal).
Main exhibitions in the last 10 years: 56 Venice Biennale (Guatemala Pavilion) 2015; Capitoline Wolf Prize, VII Edition, 2020; Prince Group Auction House, 2019; Civitella di Romagna, design and installation with permanent works from the In-Company Museum of Studio Idea3, 2019; ArteGenova 2020, Satura-Palazzo Stella, 2020; Milan Biennale, 2015; London, An Art Area Research, 2015; Berlin, Malzfabrick, 2016; Alicante, Spain, Mediterranean Museum, 2015; Milan Expo 2015, Pagazzano Castle; Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011; Montecarlo, Gala de l'Art, 2015; Barletta, Spazio Zerouno – De Nittis Foundation, 2015; Sevilla (Spain), Real Academia, 2011; Spoleto-Art, 2016; I Biennale Durazzo, Albania, 2014; Policastro, III Millennium Museum, 2016; Triennale Rome, 2017; Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010; Naples, 2010; Marseille, France, 2014; Rome, Atlas of Contemporary Art De Agostini, 2019; Badajoz, Spain, 2011; Mantua ArtExpo 2019; Palermo, 1st Antonello da Messina Prize, 2015; Ferrara, Palazzo della Racchetta, 2014; Chicago, United States, 33 Collective Gallery, 2011; Piacenza, meeting with the 56th Venice Biennale; Davos, Switzerland, Palazzo dei Congressi, 2015; 5th Biennale Ferrara, 2010; Bologna, Farini Gallery, 2015; Vendas Novas, Portugal, 2010; VIII Biennale of Florence, 2011; Varazdin (Croatia), 2012; Rovereto (Trento), 2012; Turin, "Turin in Art", 2010; Artystyczne Strony, Poland, 2012; Remagen, Germany, 2014; Marseille, France, 2014; Milan, Zamenhof Art, Spazio E, 2014; New York, USA, 1st City of New York International Award, 2010;
Main catalogs: Mondadori, De Agostini, Italia Arte; Start; EA Editrice, Rendi.
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