France • 1762−1842
Anna-Genevieve Greuze was born in 1762 in Paris. She was the second of two daughters of the famous French artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze (his first child died). All her life Anna lived with her father and was extremely devoted to him. He was also her painting teacher.

The artist painted mainly portraits and genre scenes, many of which were probably considered the work of her father and were sold under his name. Anne-Genevieve Greuze died in Paris on November 6, 1842.

The attribution of some of the Dreams' works, in particular the pastels, is based on information received from Jean-Baptiste Greuze's goddaughter Caroline Trochon de Lodijua. Caroline was married to the sculptor Henri Zozyme de Valaury, in whose family these works were kept until 2009. One of the paintings reliably attributed to Anne-Genevieve, "Mother and Son with a Bird" (fr. Mère et enfant avec un oiseau), is in the National Museum of Sweden. Another famous work of the artist, "Child with a Doll" (fr. L'enfant à la poupée), is included in the Louvre collection.
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