Australia • born in 1855
Frederick McCubbin (Eng. Frederick McCubbin; February 25, 1855, Melbourne - December 20, 1917, Melbourne) - Australian artist, one of the founders of the Heidelberg School, a group of Australian painters who first began to paint local landscapes and residents in a naturalistic manner, not checking and not following the canons European painting.

McCubbin was born in Australia three years after his parents came to these places from the UK in search of happiness and wealth. In Melbourne, they opened a small bakery, and their son, when he was old enough, helped them deliver fresh bread in the morning. Frederick’s first teacher was a local pastor who noticed the boy’s artistic abilities, but could only help by giving him lithographs for copying. McKubbin did enter the school of arts and crafts — he studied there in the evenings, and during the day he worked to pay for his studies. He could only really study painting at 22 at the School of the National Gallery of Melbourne.

McCubbin and several of his classmates noticed that European artists who were educated in England or France, come to Australia - and they write the local landscapes is not quite right. In their performance, the forests of Victoria looked like classic French, and the eucalyptus trees looked very much like oaks. And then they decided that they would write the world around them as they see it - the first children of the pioneers, pioneers, born in Australia and not seeing the foggy hills of England. Together with like-minded people, McCubbin camps in a bay or near a farm, in a forest or a small settlement. These trips marked the beginning of the Heidelberg school.

For more than 30 years, Frederick McCubbin taught drawing to students at the School of the Melbourne Art Gallery. For the first time in Europe, the artist went when he was 62 years old.

Features creativity Frederick McCabbin: like all artists who are now attributed to the naturalistic trend in painting of the 19th century, MakKabbin was closely associated with the land on which he lived. Avoiding any academic convention, he painted unique Australian landscapes, adventurers, adventurers, and the first English settlers who built their huts in the middle of forests, often dying of hunger and unfulfilled hopes.

Famous paintings by artist Frederick McCabbin: "On the rocks", "Pioneers", "On the Wallaby Path".
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