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Dmitrievna Smirnova


Biography and information


Lydia Dmitrievna Smirnova (1927 - 2016) was born in the family of an employee, in the village of Nikolo-Pestrovka (now - the city of Nikolsk), where the famous Nikolsko-Bakhmetyevsky glass plant has been producing its products since the 18th century. In Soviet times, this glass production began to be called "Red giant".

The initial art education of L.D. Smirnova received at the Penza Art School.

In 1948 she entered Moscow Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (MIPIDI). In 1952, in connection with the merger of MIPIDI with Higher art-industrial school named after V.I. Mukhina L. D. Smirnova moved to Leningrad. His graduation project is a vase dedicated to Admiral P.S. Nakhimova, she performed at the Leningrad Art Glass Factory (LZHS).

In 1953, after graduating from the V.I. Mukhina, L.D. Smirnova began working in the experimental art laboratory of the LZHS. Later she became a senior artist of the laboratory.

She created decorative vases, appliances for water and wine, dishes, candy bowls, desserts, bowls, souvenir glasses, glasses, vases. Creativity is characterized by the use of colorless, applied glass, blowing, diamond cut, decoration with colored blotches and faceting in the form of "pits".

Since 1959 - a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. In 1960 she was awarded the bronze medal of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR.

In 1978 she received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

At the Leningrad Art Glass Factory L.D. Smirnova worked until 1986. She worked with such outstanding masters as blowers B. Eremin, V. Efimov, V. Vissarionov; by diamond craftsmen M. Kudryavtsev, A. Korshunov, V. Gagin; engravers: P. Porokhov, A. Soloviev.

During the first years of his work at the factory, the young artist was guided by the desire to use color and different methods of glass processing as much as possible.

Of the early works, the most interesting vase "Flowers", the device for water "Poppies", developed by Smirnova for mass factory production. Later there appeared sets for water "Dynka", "Pumpkin". The "Bud" vase, which had been produced for several years, was in high demand. Above mass-produced items L.D. Smirnova worked constantly. Among them were sets, vases, candy bowls, ashtrays, sets for water and wine, souvenir samples.

When switching from colored glass to crystal, Smirnova began to study techniques for working with new material. She used the properties of crystal - its brilliance, depth, optical effects.

Crystal products L.D. Smirnova are distinguished by their precision and accuracy of form, beauty and variety of diamond facets, poetics of lyrical images.

The most successful examples are the "Flower" vase, the "Feast" cups, the "March-April" and "Fish" compositions, the "Wedding" service. Natural observations and sketches often served as the motive for her work.

Lydia Dmitrievna Smirnova made a large number of product samples for serial production. Her products, be it vases, sets or chamber souvenirs, still adorn our homes. L. D. Smirnova is a participant of all-Union, all-Russian, foreign exhibitions. Her main legacy is in the Elaginoostrovsky Palace Museum.

Her works are also kept in the collections of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the State Historical Museum, the State Museum of Ceramics and the "Kuskovo Estate of the 18th Century" (MSC).

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