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Marina Venediktova • Painting, September 2021, 110×100×2 cm

Description of the artwork «FLOWERS IN THE MIRROR»


You can watch the video of this picture with macro fragments at the link on my youtube channel
A series of paintings is dedicated to the beauty and grace of the female body. Lines, shapes, shades give rise to gentle fantasies and the most sensual thrill in the heart of the viewer. The human body created by nature is an endlessly inspiring aspect of creativity for many artists.

The picture was painted with oil paints in 3 layers, each shade shines through from under the other, creating the effect of radiance.

The sides of the painting are painted.
Made on high-quality canvas (100% Linen, canvas density 400 gr / meter) stretched on a high quality wooden stretcher frame. Used the best Russian oil paints produced in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg.

110*100*2 cm

The painting is accompanied by a certificate of copyright issued in Russia by the city of St. Petersburg.