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Olegovich Tormyshev

born in 1960

Biography and information

Briefly about the long journey ...

I, Sergei Olegovich Tormyshev, abbreviated as STO, was born a few months before Yuri Gagarin's flight into Space, thereby ahead of the beginning of the "Space Age", in the beautiful city of sunny Tajikistan, Dushanbe.

I probably acquired an irresistible passion for drawing while still in my mother's womb, for having escaped to freedom, the walls, scraps of newspapers, bags of seeds, bookends, since the family was reading and, the library was large, became the material for my pictures.

I was presented with a gift today!
Wonderful and unusual ...
Wished that my world was bright and bright
And they handed a set of colored pencils the usual ...

And away we go ...

School textbooks were no exception, albeit in the direction of vandalism, because the portraits of great writers, mathematicians, scientists, etc., were transformed beyond recognition. The boring school years flew by like a meteor and burst into student years with a roar ... oh, the world is full of colors. and miracles ...

Miracles were interrupted while serving in the ranks of the valiant Soviet army. After fulfilling my duty to the Motherland (as it was called in our time), I was sucked in by the "dangerous" quagmire of theater and cinema. The smell of the stage, with the dust of the scenery collected from all over the universe, the heat of spotlights melting make-up on the masks of the actors ...
Moreover, it was here that I was struck by the arrow of an evil cupid ... but what else is needed for happiness?

I was lucky to work with very talented actors, directors, cameramen, composers ... the list is endless, because everyone poured into me tons of heady taste of creativity.

Thanks to them, my pictures acquired meaningfulness and mysterious understatement. Participation in exhibitions of different genres flattered my pride, pictures in museums, private collections ... and what else is needed for success?

Meanwhile, "Troika-Misha, Raya, perestroika was racing across Russia!" ... Eh! What Russian does not like driving fast ...
The troika raced so zealously that they did not notice how the wheels of the cart fell off, and the driver disappeared somewhere in a ravine.
The fire curtain went down in the theater, and the film ended in the cinema. The house of cards crumbled, the paints dried, brushes were gnawed by mice.

"Count Monte Cristo did not come out of me. I will have to retrain as a house manager" (c).
Despondency is a sin, therefore it is ordered to survive. The family pipes are certainly not Jericho ones, but they sound no less menacing and the palette lay down on the shelf to rest.
The millstones of time grind slowly, but they give excellent flour.
Today I am not only a happy husband, father, but also a grandfather.

And what about the pictures?
But then the hands remember ... they remember the hands ...

I will draw my world with bright colors, even if I have ... a simple pencil ...

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