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born in 1976 •
Artist in social media

I really like this slogan of Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) "Art is stronger than nature", in my opinion "to see nature is an art". If nature has its laws and if art is stronger than nature we could understand that art has the freedom to put itself below or above the law. In this case art has its special status or independent existence, but without seeing this goodness art loses its existence and we can say that art does not exist. But art exists because by its ideal qualities it is multiplied and in this multiplication we can see the other. It is for this reason that the human person has a fundamental role in art. Knowing how to see, feel, resonate, bring life back. Knowing how to transmit in the sense of doing well what we see is the role of artists. This is why the word artist reflects one of these notions. Human beings have their rewarding grain which makes us free and makes us feel our emotional and intellectual richness. One of the facets of this grain is creativity. Creativity brings me joy in life. It sets me apart from time, it makes me happy. The process of creation is always present in our daily life. From A to B, from the appearance of the idea to its realization. The culture that nourishes us, during this journey, brings us pleasure. Reasoning and emotions play important roles here. The days give ideas the nights bring advice.
I love prehistoric art, its paintings, its representations of animals, of man, Egyptian painting, painting of the Minoan civilization, Christian art and its emphasis on man, its basic questions how one can represent and for what reason and with what means, Chinese art with its valuation of each element in nature, Korean art with its Three Wons and Japanese aesthetics with its principle that in every perfect object there is room for a small flaw, it all speaks to me. You can see a lot of great artists, one who I really like is Zhāng Dàqiān. It is its ability to extend great art through modernity. The Renaissance is remarkable for its personalities in all fields including political life François I, Henry VIII, Charles V, the Medici family. The twentieth century, which is rich in new currents of new ways of seeing things. Its universal exhibitions, bustle of life, scientific discoveries, all this seduces us in its own way. As I work in different techniques I feel good about this change. In the open air, we bathe in nature, we dialogue, we feed on freshness and liveliness, structures, colorful compositions. Work in the workshop has its charm and strengths such as creativity and imagination, patience and technicality, free expression and achievement extended over time. The format is also important. The large format is a privilege from the inside.


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