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Fid999et Ugurchieva

Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 2003 • artist
Artist in social media

Biography and information

I am an artist that is interested not just in craft or even expressing beauty of the world, I’m down deep in psychology, philosophy and metaphysical ethereal side of creating artworks.

I transfer feelings, energies through my drawings.
Expressing my deep transformations in an art form helps me and my audience better understand ourselves and the world around us.
I just wanna be as genuine as possible, crystal clear. I want to everyone see my soul like my body is transparent and artworks help me to show it. 

Besides it I wanna grow, nonstop, so I’m not only creating drawings - I’m trying everything, all kinds of personal expression. And one of the most important activities in my life is channeling my own vision and “alien” thoughts, for which I created my telegram channel. 

Just feel