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Dmitrievna German


Biography and information

Graphic artist. Educator. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (painting section); International Association of Artists IFA UNESCO (painting section), Creative Union of Artists of Russia; Society of Watercolors of St. Petersburg named after Albert Benza, thin association "Polyrealism XXI century".
She was born in Leningrad. Fascinated by the fine arts since childhood, at the age of 5, Natalia German has already visited the Hermitage Art Studio. Then she graduated from the Secondary Art School at the Academy of Arts, and then - the St. AL Stieglitz (Leningrad Higher Art School named after VI Mukhina), at the Department of Artistic Ceramics and Glass in 1990. She had an internship in the educational workshops of the Faculty of Painting of the Institute named after V.I. I.E. Repin of the Academy of Arts of Russia. The writing style of this optimistic artist is approaching pointillism, and the palette of her works is based on the juxtaposition of open, pure color spots. Natalia German expresses her colorful emotions on canvas, paper, and even painting porcelain dishes. The works of Natalia German, painted from nature, are distinguished by their decorativeness and skill of execution, because her work is recognizable and very interesting. Watercolor painting occupies a special place in the artist's work. Her watercolors are transparent, airy, written freely and easily, in one breath. The unique movements of her brush create amazing landscapes on paper in which the subtle soul of the artist is felt. Currently - Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Design at the Institute of Television, Business and Design. Works in the technique of oil painting and watercolors. Favorite genres - landscape, still life. Personal exhibitions: 1992 - Alupka. Exhibition Hall of the Vorontsov Palace Museum; 1998 - Luxembourg. Cultural Center. A.S. Pushkin; 2008 - "The Kingdom of the Three Elements". Historical and architect. museum. Ivangorod. Linen. region; 2009 - Netanya. Israel; 2010 - "An invitation to travel". St. Petersburg. Gallery "Handmade"; 2011 - St. Petersburg Union of Artists, White Hall; 2011 - "From the Varangians to the Greeks ..." Exhibition. hall of the Moscow region, St. Petersburg; 2012 - "Tones of pearl watercolors ..." St. Petersburg. Sinopskaya emb., 64; 2012 - "Under the blue sky ..." Netanya, Israel; 2012 - "Dreams of Taurida" by Theodosius. Picture gallery of I.K. Aivazovsky; 2014 - "Azure gentle tones ..." Painting. House of Creativity. Roshchino. Exhibitions (MAIN): "Spring" and "Autumn" - St. Petersburg Union of Artists; "Andreevsky Flag" - St. Petersburg Union of Artists; 2006 - III International Biennale of Graphics (Manege, St. Petersburg); 2006 - "Hecatomb for Rembrandt" (to the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt). SPbSKh; 2007 - International Competition of Marine Painters (Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg); 2007, - IV International Biennale "ART-MOST-AQUAREL" - Medal "120 years of the society of Russian watercolors"; 2007 - "Lyrics of a Landscape", Brodsky Museum-Apartment, St. Petersburg; 2008 - To the Day of the Russian Fleet (Sevastopol, Kroshitsky Museum); 2008 - "Water and Color" (Society of Watercolorists), St. Petersburg Union of Artists; 2008 - "Tsarskoe Selo. Pink dreams". SPbSkh; 2009 - V International Biennale "Art-Most-Aquarelle" - 2009 Smolny Cathedral; 2009 - 2010 - "My Pushkin" 300 years of Tsar.Selu. Tsar Village.SPbSKh; 2009,2010,2011 - "Petersburg - 2008, 2009,2010" (Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh"); 2010 - "France - Russia", St. Petersburg Union of Artists; 2011, 2012 - “On the sunny side I, II”, St. Petersburg Union of Artists; 2011 - "The Multicolor of Jazz", Vyborg ("Serenades of the Vyborg Castle" festival); 2012 - "Travels in Italy". Hermitage-Vyborg, Vyborg; 2013 - "Orange". Dedicated to the Year of Friendship between Holland and Russia ... (Society of Watercolors St. Petersburg). St. Petersburg, Nevsky, 20; 2013 - "A little orange in cold water". Dedicated to the Year of Friendship between Holland and Russia ... (Society of Watercolors St. Petersburg). Art Hotel Trezzini, St. Petersburg; 2013 - VII International Biennale "Art-Most-Aquarelle" - 2013, St. Petersburg. The works are in the collections of: Alupka State Palace and Park Museum - Reserve, Crimea, Ukraine; The State Museum "Vyborg Castle"; National Art Gallery of I.K. Aivazovsky, Feodosia; Sevastopol Art Museum named after Kroshitsky; Creative Union of Artists of Russia, International Association of Artists IFA; Petrozavodsk Exhibition Center. In private collections in Germany, Israel, Italy, USA, France, Russia.
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