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Tác Giả Roronoa Zoro

Drawings and illustrations

Description of the artwork «Tác Giả Roronoa Zoro»

Roronoa Zoro was born on November 11 in Shimotsuki Village in the East Sea. Zoro is portrayed by Eiichiro Oda as a naughty child who loves swordsmanship. One day Zoro went to a dojo and demanded that the dojo's sign be taken off if he beat the best here. Here, he fought Kuina. Zoro lost and trained hard with the determination to one day defeat Kuina. One day, Kuina explained to him that when a girl grows up, her strength will decrease, she will not be able to become the best swordsman in the world. Zoro and Kuina promise each other to become the world's best and second best swordsmen together. The next day, hearing that Kuina had died from a slip in the stairs, Zoro cried and swore to his heart that he would show Kuina that he became the best swordsman in the world.
Zoro (19 years old) is a devoted member of his friends, loves to sleep (can sleep in any condition be it earthquakes or storms), loves to drink, doesn't get along well, and often fights with Sanji , has direction blindness. Zoro is famous for wielding three swords, two in his hand and one in his mouth, and when he fights, he often wears a bandage around his head because it makes him feel more confident. Zoro's moves have great destructive power such as Thirty-six Consequences of Afflictions, 108 Afflictions of Phoenix, demon swords. He obtained the famous sword Thu Thuy, and helped Luffy a lot on the way to conquering his dream together
There is no denying the tremendous strength of a young man like Zoro, one of the three strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Because his power is so great and terrifying, he sometimes becomes stern and cold in his outward behavior (for those who do not know him well), people often mistake him for the captain of the Hai group. Straw Hat Thief after witnessing his strength in battle. While Luffy is always up against the strongest opponent, Zoro is the one to deal with the second strongest opponent.

After 2 years under the supervision and training of Shichibukai Dracule Mihawk (Beast's Eye), Zoro has now become many times stronger. This is demonstrated by his first appearance after 2 years, when he easily cuts a large boat in half with super-fast speed and precision without much effort (and he aims accurately without any effort). my left eye) with only 1 stroke. Zoro is also able to cut a Pacifista in half with a single slash, something that was not possible 2 years ago (when he did only minor damage to the cyborg).

Zoro's strength after 2 years was proven once again when he changed the motif of always fighting the 2nd strongest enemy when he easily defeated Hody Jones, who is considered the strongest in the chapter Fishman Island, he later fought against Luffy. He defeats him easily with only a sword in hand, despite suffering many disadvantages in underwater combat against mermaids.

Even without a sword in hand, Zoro still has a very good health and stamina. When he was very young, he could lift a large rock above his head, and now can lift a whole building and throw it away. He can also use sword techniques even without a sword in his hand, and is shown to be a very powerful, powerful, and very sharp punch. He was also strong enough to block and deflect Oars' punch.

However, it seems that Zoro was unable to fully reconcile his power 2 years ago. This shows that when he fought a group of shipbuilders from the Galley-La Company, he was only able to use part of the life of his sword to fight, though still dealing 1 major damage.

After 2 years, Zoro has improved his physical strength excellently, when he easily blocked the move from King Neptune's giant Golden Trident.

Zoro's fluidity, flexibility and speed are also worth mentioning. He proves by keeping his agility on par with Sanji (Sanji is rated as the best among the Straw Hats), or on par with CP9's Soru move. He moves at times below an incredible speed, jumping from an extremely high point or dodging a bullet with ease. At times, he is also able to block extremely fast moves (with amazing speed) that are usually not noticeable. Furthermore, Zoro is able to dodge the radioactive beams or the devastating pressure blows of the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, both of which move below maximum speed, despite being severely injured. after the battle with the giant demon Oars and exhausted after the battle with Ryuma.

2 years later, Zoro's speed underwater is shown to be faster than that of a mermaid. This is said by a soldier of the New Fishmen Pirates group, this is an unbelievable speed, faster than a mermaid when fighting underwater.

To get this power, Zoro had to have tremendous endurance, surpassing the limit of a normal human many many times, through many injuries that, in all different cases, occurred consecutively. .
In the end, Zoro accepted all the pain and damage in Luffy's body into his own, despite the fact that he already had serious injuries from his battle with Ryuma and Oars. This was enough to impress Kuma that he also exclaimed with his endurance, even though he was close to death, he still took on Luffy's injuries, knowing it could kill him. boy. Zoro, however, survived, and said nothing happened when Sanji asked. It's also worth noting that while Luffy lost consciousness after knocking out Moria due to his constant exertion and exhaustion, Zoro, on the other hand, not only survived, staying awake and taking it all. both he and Luffy's injuries.

Extraordinary stamina, more than a monster.

As noted above, he overcame numerous wounds that could kill any other mortal, showing his excellent stamina and endurance, and most of the battles he engaged in were leaving a pool of blood on his body or mortal wounds. Even in his dying state, he just kept going, fighting, without faltering, sometimes even developing his skills to a higher level, with a clear head. What has been described as one of the most formidable and enduring qualities in the One Piece manga world, especially for an ordinary person, without Devil Fruit powers, proves that he is a man of power. suffered the most of the group, even though he was no longer considered a normal person.

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