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born in 1979 •

Biography and information

Elena Alexandrovna Kurnosova
06.born 10.1979.
As a child, Elena loved to play with dolls, but not just any dolls, but painted dolls.
Since they were very rare, Elena drew them herself and cut them out of paper, and then drew them beautiful clothes.
Living in the small town of Zainsk, Elena was noticed and sent to the art studio by her tutor for fashion design.
In her youth Elena immersed herself in the world of subtle, mysterious watercolor. She was fascinated by its transparency, purity of color and brightness of pigment.
After graduating from the art studio the future artist went to the capital of Tatarstan.
In 2000. Already living in Kazan, Elena studied at the Art College as a graphic designer.
And in 2009. Started her artistic activity.
Took part in the creative project of the German Youth Association in Moscow.
In 2010 held a solo exhibition "Melody of Spring" in the walls of the German building "Kirkha" yr. Kazan,
whose walls created a special, unique flavor and atmosphere of the exhibition.
In 2012, she was awarded in the "Creativity" category of the Miss "Perlenkette"-2012 project
The workshop with the artist was organized within the framework of the event.

Later, due to circumstances in her life,
Elena had to move to her homeland, to a small town in Tatarstan.
There she discovered the soft, gentle, velvety world of pastels.
It's impossible not to love pastels. It attracts with its nobility, with its freshness of colour,
The velvety surface of the texture, the vibrancy and exciting vibe of the stroke.
In 2021 several works were handed over to the museum of the children's children's home for children and young people in Energetik town of Zainsk. Zainsk.
Also in 2021 Elena became a member of the National Union of Pastelists of Russia and a member of the CIS Artists' Union
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