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Drawings and illustrations, November 2021, 21×21 cm

Description of the artwork «#versacelagrecasegnature»

This is a special painting that carries an incredible energy.
It was written in an incredible flow and everything described below carries it all.

Gianni Versace was born on December 2, 1946.
On this day, the position of the stars and planets rewarded him with the energy of a leader, a man with his own philosophy and broad views, an admirable, real transformer. To the world he could manifest transformation through beauty, fashion, creativity, women (Retro-Pluto and Retro-Venus conjunction) and success was sure to meet him through this.
He is a person who preserves spiritual and material goods, who promotes the healing of society on both the material and the energetic level (Selene in Taurus).

Also, the universe contributed to the fact that his philosophy might not be understood or accepted, in part people might turn away from him (Lilith points to Jupiter).
He had an unusual syllable, freely expressed his thoughts and created trends with his hands (as indicated by the conjunction of Uranus and Mercury).
In his karmic path, Gianni's life has pushed him to develop communication, intelligence, constant learning, and the dissemination of knowledge (North Node of Karma in Gemini). He was given by nature to understand a subject deeply, to be an expert, to create his own products useful to society. And his inner desire to study customs, traditions, philosophy, religion, and travel was reflected in his work.

Gianni Versace himself loved the history of ancient Greece, mythology and symbolism used in his collections.

The emblem of the Versace fashion house is the image of Medusa Rondanini, the marble head of Medusa Gorgon. The prototype of which was probably the gorgonion on the shield of Athena Parthenos.
This image illustrates the transformation of the gorgon from a terrible monster to a beautiful woman. The snakes on her head are interpreted as naughty curls and stylized horns are added.
It was not for nothing that this particular image of Versace attracted me. After all, it clearly shows just what kind of Transfiguration power the conjunction of Pluto and Venus can have.

A little mythology?
Medusa Gorgon - One of the Gorgon sisters, the only mortal.
A beautiful girl with beautiful hair who hid in the temple of Athena from the persecution of Poseidon. And who was punished by Athena for desecrating the temple. She turned her into a monster with snake hair, whose gaze turned everyone to stone.
She was also considered a hetaera - a woman educated, free and leading an independent life. Here I would point out that this is inherent in the energies of Uranus.

The Gargon sisters were considered the guardians of the Pupa of the Earth, one of the images of the mythological Middle of the world (the sacred center of the universe, performing a harmonizing role).

And it is also believed that the Gargons are grumpy and spiteful women? Of course, they had so many responsibilities and turned them into monsters.

Scientists suggest that the image of Gargon is the spirits of storm and cold winter, a hostile personification of the elements of water and air. Here I have an association with Pluto and Uranus, because of the similarity of the atmosphere of the planets themselves (cold planets, with raging hurricanes).
In culture, the image of Medusa Gorgon's head was used as a talisman against the evil eye, evil and enemies. And here, I will note Neptune and the Moon, for they are responsible for mythology and beliefs.

on May 13, 1909, the asteroid Gorgon, named after her, was discovered as part of the Asteroid Belt, located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter, thanks to its field, prevents asteroids from sticking together and strengthening, leading to more violent collisions with each other.
On the day of the asteroid's discovery, a truly feminine energy reigned in the sky, with Venus ruling the sky. And everything was conducive for people to open up to the knowledge of another reality (the action of Uranus). The perception of information was transformed and the soul lay down to freedom and independence.

In fact, when I read about the gargon, I thought it was about them being like Mercury, Venus, and Mars, guarding the Earth (the center of the universe). Even their names suggest this. Medusa is the guardian (militant Mars), Euryale is the far leaping one (fast and airy Mercury), Spheno is the mighty one (Venus, without whose wishes nothing happens).

This is the independence that the @versace house carries in its philosophy.
Through freedom of expression there is a profound transformation of society❤️

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About the artwork

This artwork has been added by Arthive user, if it violates copyright please tell us.

Art form: Drawings and illustrations

Subject and objects: Landscape, Portrait, Urban landscape

Technique: Gouache

Materials: Paper

Date of creation: November 2021

Size: 21×21 cm

Location: OOKU

City: Novosibirsk


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