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Dmitrovich Hertz

XX century−2012

Biography and information

The position of Yuriy Hertz in the art of the current country is extraordinary and talented, both in its implementation of the will to serve the native land, and in a later reversed way of implementation - to create a mauvais tonic life of the country of birth, the native land of the village. The theme of Motherland, a house called Transcarpathia has always been a guiding theme for Yuriy Hertz. This corresponded to his deep essence, his unbearable and loving heart. With the passage of time there is a mighty stream of personalized themes: the greatest value on Earth is life. The artist added another dimension to the physics of space called home - love. From the paintings of Yuri Dmitrovich Hertz enters the energy of love, cheerfulness of happiness as the highest self-realization. Yuri Dmitrovich Hertz as an artist was formed in the second half of the difficult, dramatic twentieth century. It was a period of achievements and losses, great tests and accumulation of potential for the era that was approaching. Continents were crossed by their fatal lobes, countries and empires were melting, revolutions were taking place, and wars were being raked through their teeth. Twentieth century orbit wanted to give people the extremes of emotion, events, class, culture and mass, drove the inevitability of the cycle of world history, people are given the chance to escape from the enchanted wheel of technosmurity, to realize on Earth the sanctity of life. This sanctity is always with people, because this gift is from the moment of birth. For the artist J.D. Hertz, his notion of happiness has been crystallized. Proudly proclaimed Hertz "I am Happy". The ability to feel and just love is the key to a successful existence on earth..

Yuri Hertz was born on 27 February 1931 in a family in the village of Lohovo, Mukachivschyna. Yurchik was the third, they say, the most successful in his debt, for in kazki third falls all: and the kingdom, and a good friend. The most loyal and the most powerful relationship was with the eldest, Michael.

Jurij Hertz began his studies at the folk high school in 1937. Throughout 1946 he studied pedagogy at the Mukachevo Pedagogical School. Thanks to the initiative of his older brother and his own diligence, Yurko Hertz became a student at the Uzhgorod College of Applied and Decorative Arts the following year, 1947. As a student, Yuriy Hertz has experienced a lot of things: he discovered the fiery writing of Taras Shevchenko and Les Ukrainka, passionate and wise Ivan Franko, lyricist in prose of Mikhail Kotsyubinsky, metaphorical Grigory Skovoroda. He began his life according to the principle: "I have in my heart what does not die! The basis of the paintings of the young artist are color, then the form, structure, volume and manuscript. Hertzow's works were guided by the authority of realism.

Life and Creation
After his service in the army and graduation from art school in 1955, Yuri Dmytrovych Hertz returned "to the people". Malovna Khustschina: brutal mountains, mountain streams, mineral springs, smart working and singing people and a great mix of cultures, ethnic groups. Transcarpathia in general is an unique area in the center of Europe with a wonderful conglomerate of languages and traditions of tolerant co-existence. The reason for the move to Khust was simple: Hertziv's friend /Yuriy was at that time friends with Natalia Tolstoy/ was sent to work in the Khust district cultural center. Here, Hertz and his wife, who taught at the Applied Arts School in Uzhgorod, created a community of Khustschina Mittens and encouraged them to follow the idea of the artistic fraternity. Over time, the association became known under the name "Mityets Verkhovyny". For Hertziv Khust became a living laboratory of artistic skills and finding their place in the artistic process in Zakarpattia. Years later the famous People's Artist of Ukraine Fedir Fedorovich Manailo acknowledged: "Yurku, you have not been living in Khust for twenty-five years. Feel the spirit of Verkhovina. And that is the most important thing Next to Jurk is Natalia Semenivna, a hard worker, life partner and colleague in art. And she is very talented in weaving tapestries. Knowledge of colors, the laws of shaping and composition add to the author's works alive and strong. Roki spili Tisoya, mov chovniki sinochka Sergei. Yuri Dmitrovich with colleagues traveled to Volovachina, Mizhgirschina, Khustschina, collecting sketches, drawings, sketches. His observations and reflections on ornaments of Hutsul relief images, unversatility of frescoes, embroidery, weaving, geometric carving are worth admiring. This is the real wealth! The sixties of the last century with their cultural "lengthening" was in a "wider range of tolerance" than the previous fifty. To replace socialist realism came the pictorial attempt to speak from the heart, to tell about what was troubling. Documentary dryness was replaced by lavishness and rosiness of styles. His works "To Light" / 1969 /, "Saints on the Verkhovina" / 1975 /, "Holy Verkhovina" / 1979 / testify the appearance of a new creative personality in Transcarpathian creative art. The works of Yuriy Hertz are popular with the viewers of Uzhgorod and Kyiv... Initially, in the 60s, the author found themes close in sound to the folk life, genre of everyday life. Then - withdrawal of his own Temple, finding the power of the spirit, the power of inner peace. From 1975 to 1982 Yuriy Hertz worked in Mukachevo, and from 1982 worked and lived in the city of Uzhhorod. Uzhhorod. The following period of his life - the period of flight and the development of all the intellectual and spiritual forces of the worker, the period of a bright manifestation of the most remarkable aspects of the artist, efficiency and unique characteristics of creative manner. Yosip Yosipovich Bokshai, People's Artist of the USSR, highly evaluated the "Hertzian sense of decorative beaches. Folk tradition of decorative and declarative color is alive in the works "Verkhovina sanctuary" / 1979 /, "Song of Verkhovina / 1993 /. From exhibition to exhibition lunariously positive comments about the works. Hertz was particularly impressed with his arsenal of adversities of his romantic childhood. These are fairy-tale scenes of Christmas holidays: "Christmas Fun" /1992 /, "Christmas Day on the Verkhovin" /1998/, etc. People's Artist of Ukraine J.D. Hertz in his paintings are following the stitches of many witnesses of the Transcarpathian rural architecture: "Goryansk Rotunda", "Mykolayiv Church", "Church of the village Ternovets" and others. Works of prominent art critic Yuriy Dmytrovych Hertz represented our culture and art in state and private collections in Italy, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Canada, the United States, and Germany. Particularly important in the life of the artist were Uzhgorod and Kiev solo exhibitions / respectively in 1991 and 1994 /. Productivity and commitment of the artist to serving the Ukrainian art was soon confirmed by his solo exhibitions in 2001 in Uzhgorod, at the Ukrainian Exhibition in 2001 in Kiev, at the exhibition of Ukrainian creative art in 2002 in Moscow. on February 27, 2011 the village of Lohovo marked the 80th anniversary of the birth of famous all over Ukraine painter Yuriy Dmitrovych Hertz. In the auditorium of the administrative building of the village council gathered relatives, friends of childhood, fellow villagers. Unfortunately, due to his illness, Yuri Dmitrovich was not able to come to his native village, so he called and apologized.

Death of an Artist
on the 15th of November 2012 Yuriy Dmytrovych Hertz, a well-known countryman, the People's Artist of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National Prize laureate, and Adalbert Erdelya Regional Prize laureate, passed away at the age of 82. His unique and unrepeatable art is the pride and treasure of culture of our country, a valuable spiritual asset of the people. Diligence in the service of art led to the heights of the Supreme, his name is inscribed in golden letters in the history of our country. The memory of Yuriy Dmytrovych Hertz, a wonderful, modest and kind person, patriot, citizen, People's Artist of Ukraine, will always live on in the hearts of our contemporaries and survivors.
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