Stepanovich Kanaykin

Professor, Head of the Department of Graphic Design. Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation. Member of the Union of Designers of Russia (1989); Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (1992).
Pyotr Stepanovich has worked at the academy since the mid-1990s. Two years ago, he replaced his teacher Vasily Sergeevich Muravyov-Amursky as head of the department of graphic design. Kanaikin specializes in design for books and printing products. For many years of work he designed a great number of editions devoted to art, culture, history and other subjects. Since 1986 he has been working with the leading publishing houses of Leningrad: "Aurora", "Vneshtorgizdat", "Khudozhnik RSFSR", "Lenizdat". In publishing house "Aurora" prepared and published a series of books: "Modern Soviet artists", monographs on the works of T. Nazarenko, N. Nesterova, V. Popkov, V. Vatenin, the album "Portrait". In publishing house "Vneshtorgizdat" published a set of jubilee editions for 200th anniversary of National Public Library. From 1991 to 1993 P.S. Kanaykin worked in publishing department of "Leningrad Renaissance Foundation" and publishing houses "Titul", "Papyrus", "Leningrad Gallery", "Norint". During these years he published an album "Russian Icon from the Collection of the Novgorod Museum" and several editions illustrated with Pyotr Stepanovich's graphics: N.A.Sindalovsky "Legends and Myths of St. Petersburg", Y.I.Kirtsideli and N.R.Levina "Along These Streets, Along These Shores..." (published by Papyrus) (ed. "Papyrus"), G.S.Goppe "Your discovery of St. Petersburg" (ed. "Lyceum") and others. He collaborated with the "Art of Russia" publishing house, prepared exhibition catalog "The Chernetsov Brothers and Pushkin", the album "Palaces of the Russian Museum". In 2001, the Hermitage album was awarded a diploma at the Moscow International Book Fair. In 2002 the calendar "Petersburg Motives" was awarded the 3rd prize at the Stuttgart Calendars Exhibition (Germany). In 2002, the P-2 publishing house issued albums "From Impressionism to Cubism", a joint publication of the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum (Moscow), 5 small albums dedicated to the monuments of Russian history and several editions of the Amber Room (Tsarskoye Selo). Panoramas "St. Petersburg from the Bird's Eye View" and "Panorama of Nevsky Prospekt" have been prepared, and in 2004 the albums of "The Great Heritage of Russia" series were published: "St. Isaac's Cathedral" and "Konstantinovsky Palace", "Palace of Congresses", "Russian Fairy Tales". To the city's anniversary (2003), he published "Three Centuries of Petersburg Architecture," "Guide to Petersburg," "Illustrated History of Russia" (published by "Norint"). In 2004, publishing house "Propylaeum" prepared books and albums on the works of photographer V. Savik, ballerina A. Shelest, and Mikhail Uspensky's album "From the History of Japanese Art". In 2004 "Aurora" and "Golden Age" publishing houses published an album "Late Academism and Salon", "Russian Icon" (2011). In 2006 there were published "Memoirs of the Curator of the Gatchina Palace" by S. N. Balaeva (published by the "Art of Russia"), the album "The Ark. Porcelain by Tatiana Afanasieva" for the Imperial Porcelain Factory (edition "Propylaeum"), the anniversary album to the 250th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts (ed. "Golden Age"). In 2007 the album for the 500th anniversary of the Monastery "Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery. The Artistic Heritage". Albums "Protection of St. Petersburg Monuments" to the 90th Anniversary of the State Institute of Historic and Architectural Preservation" (ed. "Propylaeum", "Court Carriages. Tsarskoselskaya Collection" (Aurora), "Architects of Tsarskoye Selo. From Rastrelli to Danini" were published in 2008-10. In 2011 he developed a series of albums of Russian art "Golden Stock" for the publisher "Aurora". Albums "Ivan Bilibin" and "Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin" were released. Apart from designing books, Kanaikin is also involved in designing exhibitions: Vasily Krukov's Glass, CEH-St. Petersburg, 1996; Contemporary Art of Japan, CEH-St. Petersburg, 2002; Viktor Savik's Photos, House of Friendship, St. Petersburg; Yu. Panteleev's Photos, Museum-apartment of N.A.Nekrasov, St. Petersburg), the exhibition of the firm "Vzlet" (LenExpo, St. Petersburg), "Anatoly Stolyarchuk's Architectural Studio" in the framework of the Russian Exhibition "Architecture 2006" (CEH Manezh, Moscow), "Windows of Russia. Oleg Trubsky's Photography" (St. Petersburg-Peterburg. 2011). In 2007 her personal exhibition "Book. Fotografika" in the halls of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry. A.L. Stieglitz. In 2012 he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation. In subsequent years, continues cooperation with publishers and museums of St. Petersburg. Released albums on the works of the artist-architect B. Kostygov (publishing house "Propylaeum" and the Museum of F.M. Dostoevsky), continued work on publishing albums of porcelain artists with the Imperial Porcelain Factory and a number of St. Petersburg publishers, published albums "Second Birth" under the program of the City Government on restoration of monuments of St. Petersburg, an anniversary album for the 90th anniversary of the GIOP (publishing house "Propiles"), an anniversary album for the 140th anniversary of Stieglitz Academy, scientific publication "Documentary Chronicle of Peter the Great's St. Petersburg" (publishing house "Propiles"). Since 2015 he has been the head of the department of graphic design at the Stieglitz Academy.
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