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A portrait of the state and the ladies Anastasia Mikhailovna Izmaylova

Alexey Antropov • Painting, 1759, 44.8×57.2 cm
About the artwork
Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1759
Size: 44.8×57.2 cm
Artwork in selections: 6 selections

Description of the artwork «A portrait of the state and the ladies Anastasia Mikhailovna Izmaylova»

"Portrait state-ladies Anastasia Mikhailovna Izmaylova" painted by Alexei Antropov is considered one of the jewels of the State Tretyakov gallery.

Why is the Dating of the paintings Antropov?

For a long time discussed the question with the Dating of the paintings. At first it was believed that "the Portrait of A. M. Izmailova" written by antroponym about 1754. Now the date has changed to later – the year of execution of the painting is considered to be 1759. Why is it important? Because it gives an idea about the origins of the development of Russian painting (Antropov) and suffer its effects. The fact that by the mid-1750s Antropov was already forty years old man, Mature master, but worked mainly on the wall paintings of the "samples". It didn't have the skill of writing from nature. Knowing this, Antropov returned to Saint Petersburg from Kiev, where he worked on the decoration of St. Andrew's Church, was admitted on probation to the court Italian Pietro Rotari. He was court painter, and Antropov has stressed that he studied with rotary "KOMM".

The rotary Antropov learns to write from life, took over juicy and tender color combinations. "Portrait of A. M. Izmailova" shows us both.

Who was the heroine of "Portrait of A. M. Izmailova" by Aleksey Antropov?

Anastasia Michailovna Izmailova was the daughter of the Petrovsky Chamberlain Naryshkin and wife of major-General Izmailov. Intelligent and powerful, in her youth she was known as the "girl in Russian taste", and the maturity was one of the most powerful state-the ladies at the court of Elizabeth. She was born in 1703, the year, and if we accept a later Dating of the portrait, then at the time of writing she was about 56 years old, and life is only a year or two (Izmailov died in 1761). For the mid-eighteenth century, the women's age more than respectable. But Anastasia Mikhailovna clearly does not neglect the ladies ' tricks for the sake of youth and beauty: her face densely abelino and covered with a solid layer of Rouge, the hair powdered, the eyebrows heavily neurimmune. As the Empress Elizabeth, her state the lady does not wish to surrender to old age. Her tightly compressed lips and strong chin talking about stubbornness and integrity of her nature. "The Grenadier in farthingale" – is niscovolos and power of General Izmailova was nicknamed at court.

What expressive means and decorative elements used Antropov?

"Portrait of A. M. Izmailova" - not Grand, but intimate, so Antropov writes no binding for a formal portrait of the status elements of the interior. Partly this he also learned from rotary, the famous "master of head" - write the model on a neutral dark background, focusing all attention on the heroine's face, its individuality and significance.

But in the "Portrate of A. M. Izmailova" interesting and decorative details borrowed from art Rococo: double knotted under the chin bright pink bow, contrasting with the deep blue of the dresses, rose rocaille Curling cream-colored satin ribbon. Particularly striking is a huge order Izmaylova. It's her diamond medal with the image of the Empress, the attribute of the state and the ladies. Antropov deliberately writes it in detail and vividly, moving to the bottom edge of the canvas – so it's like he brings the decoration to the viewer, it sticks out, showing how well he learned to convey the splendor and luxury of jewelry by means of painting.

Author: Anna Yesterday