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Solomon Novik was born in 1968. Graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts as a production designer in 2000. Workshop of G. P. Sotnikov.
For a long time I worked on the search for images and meanings. As a result, I came to the need to expand the boundaries of perception. Based on classical European painting from Giotto to Picasso, I am developing my own method of depicting reality.
As biological beings, we view the world we perceive as three-dimensional, as we have been taught since the Renaissance. In reality, however, there is nothing to prevent us from being aware of the world as four-dimensional. To make this process natural, like the familiar feeling generated by a linear perspective.
I create casts of reality that allow a person to sway their perception.
Technically, my paintings are a textbook homage to the European painting tradition from fresco to collage. They are painted in a mixed technique using a variety of materials. The variety of mediums for display allows me to describe multiple spaces that exist in a single moment.
Thanks to the colors and tones, new characters are born in the eye of the beholder.
If one engages in the game, one discovers the possibility of seeing several worlds at once. Many things will find unity through contemplation.
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