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Alekseevna Denisova

Russia • artist
Artist in social media
Evgenia Denisova
I was born in Cherepovets in 1992.

Professionally engaged in drawing for more than 15 years.
The choice of profession was seriously influenced by her grandfather, who was a recognized artist in the USSR. He was the first teacher for Eugenia
At the age of 11 I entered an art school and later continued to gain skills in two art schools named after V.V. Vereshchagin of Cherepovets and YAHU of Yaroslavl

The direction in the work are defined by such genres as thematic still life, portrait, landscape, narrative compositions in each of which, the artist puts his secret philosophical meaning

Her style of painting can be defined as philosophical realism, with notes of symbolism, a large decorative element, and a monumental vision

The artist sees the image in the picture in a large, powerful, vivid way, and the compositions themselves are long-range

The artist herself says about her paintings: I see everything as a spot, I'm interested in the beautiful stain, the plasticity, the sharpness of the situation, the dynamics, I like to do beautiful things and bring everything to the mark

I'm looking for myself as an artist and I want to find a real one !

Most of all I like to draw people immersing them in an interesting atmosphere, to create a world in which there is life, its flow ... quiet or stormy

Since 2021 lives in Moscow and studies at the Moscow State Academic Institute named after Surikov
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