Russia • born in 1999

It all started in my childhood. Every time I looked out the window, I imagined different creatures living their lives. Observing the life of my own thoughts became my favorite thing to do. So when visual art came into my life, it became a doorway to a new world for me. What a revelation for a child to realize their most wonderful thoughts on paper and in plasticine.

Creativity is a very serious process, even in the hands of a child.

Also in childhood everything seems bigger and stronger, deeper in perception. However, art allows you to immerse yourself in the same feelings at absolutely any age. So, I fell in love with art at an early age, and I still do. It became my way of living and loving this life.

People have eyes, but not always the ability to see. Art teaches a person to see the world, and the vision begins to grow with the personality.

She spent her youth at the Moscow Art Lyceum (2013-2017), receiving a gold medal from the Russian Academy of Arts. And continued her way as a sculptor, enrolled at the Surikov Institute. V.I. Surikov (2017-present). Actively exhibiting since 2019.

After gaining an academic skill base, I began my experiments in the abstract style. This direction gave me a sense of the unique freedom in which I want to express my thoughts and feelings.

I often do my work intuitively. When the mind is clear and focused, you can catch indescribable states of inspiration. In such moments, my hands work on their own, I don't interfere with my control, I just let the form live its own life. For this reason it then becomes very difficult to give the work a title or a description, because everything happens not in words and storylines, but much deeper.

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