Russia • born in 1981
Semyon Skrepetsky (aka Skreponny Buzoter) is famous for his cartoon pictures, written in a primitive manner. He describes and discusses current events, ridiculing the idiocy and decay of the agonizing regime, spiritual scrapes, vatniks, vobedobesity, the abuse of hawthorn and other negative phenomena of Russian reality.
Real name Robert Burdai, born and lived in a village in Altai, emigrated to Poland in 2021 because of the risk of political criminal prosecution.
He runs a video blog on YouTube, which has become a platform for a satirical political show, and records songs in the rap style for it under the pseudonym MC Screp. He publishes a book, Russia 2028, which is described as "the life and adventures of a decent scrapbooker in post-apocalyptic Russia.
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