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United States • 1894−1964

Stuart Davis (eng. Stuart Davis; December 7, 1894, Philadelphia, USA – 24 Jun 1964, new York, USA) is one of America's first modernist artists. Became famous for his abstract paintings inspired by jazz music, and bright postsovetskom works. Davis was born the son of a sculptor and the art editor of his childhood predicted a career as an artist, but he was interested in painting at the age of 16 years. He studied painting in new Jersey and new York in particular, one of the leading American realists Robert Henry. In the early 1910s Davis met with the works of European modernists and starts to apply to their work and their principles. During the First World war remains in new York and works as a cartographer for the army intelligence. In the 30's style Davis changed again, he focuses on the figure and line. At the same time, he begins to teach. To the 50-m the artist has become a true icon of American painting.

Features of the artist Stuart Davis: regardless of the style in which he wrote his pictures, they always present some kind of political subtext or the elements of American mass culture. Davis was one of the first who linked jazz and swing with the painting. He uses bright, pulsating colors, expressive lines and repeating shapes that creates associations with the syncopation and improvisation of jazz music.

Famous paintings of Stuart Davis: "Percolator (Coffee Maker)", "Colonial cubism", "Report from Rockport""Hot landscape for six colors", "Edison Mazda"

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov

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