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Russia • born in 1983
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Bijganov Evgeny Yurievich (born 1983) is a St. Petersburg artist. Graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry. V.I. Mukhina, Department of Glass and Ceramics. His diploma work was the composition "Western European composers" of the 5 stained glass windows. He teaches composition and drawing at the University of Industrial Technology and Design. In recent years, the artist is actively engaged in painting and drawing. In 2013 he was admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia.
Since 1999 he has been a permanent participant of Moscow, Moscow and foreign exhibitions. Author's works were exhibited at the International Biennale and Triennale of Graphics in St. Petersburg. In 2010, his graphic work "Look into the Past" was presented at the Japanese-Russian exhibition "Fragile World", held in St. Petersburg in the Exhibition Hall HIDUV dedicated to the memory of the Nagasaki tragedy. The artist's paintings and drawings were presented at the exhibitions of contemporary St. Petersburg art in Helsinki, held by the Russian Center of Science and Culture. In 2011, 2013 and 2015, the author presented his paintings at the annual St. Petersburg exhibitions "ZOO Culture".
There were several personal exhibitions of E.Yu. Bizhganov's works - "Musical poetry by E.Bizhganov and V. Koshelev. Bizhganov's works were exhibited at several personal exhibitions: "Musical Poetry by Bizhganov and Koshelev" (State Capella. MI Glinka and Museum of Musical Instruments, Sheremetev Palace), an exhibition of paintings and drawings "Giving, given" in the halls of the Union of Composers, exhibitions of paintings of the artist at the University of Technology and Design. In 2013, in the halls of St. Petersburg Library № 8, an exhibition of paintings and drawings of E.Yu. Bizhganov "Multicolor Views" was presented. In 2015, the artist's personal exhibition "Appeal to the Bible" was held in the Exhibition Hall of the Central Library of the Moscow District.
An important theme of the artist's work was the landscape of his native St. Petersburg, captivating the author of his unique architectural style.
The author's works are in the collections of the Lipton Gallery, the Free Russian Contemporary Art Foundation, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Helsinki, the Nagasaki Peace Center, the State Darwin Museum in Moscow and in a number of private collections.

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