Russia • Volgogradskaya Oblast' • born in 1989 • artist
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Greetings, my name is Daria.
My paintings are before you. My Word.
It became my salvation, my freedom,
An explosive nullification and a new Destiny.
All my past life, since the spring of the nineties,
I grew up in the midst of Moscow's high-rises;
In a happy family surrounded by love;
In a spacious apartment, on two sides.
Looking down on the sky, on the city,
And on Saturn through a telescope in front of the moon;
I listened to rock classics and Tsoi;
I was singing, spinning, living like a dream.
Sonatas played on the piano,
And she threw a basketball on the court.
It didn't work out very well with my studies,
It was decided that life would teach me everything.
A happy childhood, in a successful family;
Fun youth, in training camp with the team.
And maturity gave me freedom, knowledge,
Myself; surrounded by hometowns.
Fun, festivities, mirrors, sunrises,
First time heartbreak, concerts,
A dream job in the world of event design,
There are good people around, friends.
Next came St. Petersburg.
Having decided one day that I would move there;
Only later finding out how harsh he would be:
To my tender soul and to my wishes.
For ten years I lived in a constant struggle..
With myself, with those whom I let near me..
It wasn't going well with work, there wasn't enough warmth;
Often escaped to the south, to the seas.
But I came back again - I started from scratch.
There was loss, suffering, wandering,
Travel and the white cat.
There were successes and worries,
And in the end - the loss of everything, and despair.
But faith in my Gift saved me again.
Shouting at last, "Stop the trials!
I bought brighter canvases and acrylics;
I drew the Luminary, the Imagineer.
And from there, it was like meditation:
I chose Joy! I chose Life!
And on this journey of my creative life;
Drawing on the circle of your Universe;
I say thank the Almighty.
Thank you Love. And Repentance.
Living in new experiences, values, knowledge;
I discover those parts of the soul,
That they once turned away in ignorance;
Not embracing my beauty.
And everyone is able to see their own Light,
In spite of the fact that there are many troubles everywhere.
And everyone is capable of embracing themselves.
And become a guiding star for others.