Ivanovich PlyaskotaPRO

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Biography and information

Born in 1954 in Smolensk. Currently resides in Moscow.

Basic education: J. Alksnis Riga Aviation Institute (1976), scientist, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

I treated iso for a long time as one of my hobbies. He learned the craft:
- in 1965-67 at the Smolensk Children's Art School (teacher - A.I. Popov);
- in 1972-75 in the Latvian State Academy of Art (teacher - A.K.Rozenbergs).

After joining the Eurasian Union of Artists (2022) began exhibition activities, participant and winner of a number of international exhibitions and festivals:

- first place at the International exhibition-competition of communicative art "TWO WORDS "A MAN and a WOMAN" (Moscow, 20-26.11.2022);

- first place at the International Exhibition "Contemporary Avant-Garde | AVANT-GARDE TODAY" (Moscow, 2-8.10.2022);

- first place at the International Exhibition of Floral Art "Floral Kingdom". (Moscow, 20-30.08.2022)

- first place at the St. Petersburg Art Week 2022 (St. Petersburg, 5-10.07.2022);

- first and second place at the exhibition "Art Seasons 2022" (Moscow, 25.09-1.10.2022);

- first and two second places at the exhibition "Animal Kingdom 2022 (summer)" (St.-Petersburg, 12-17.07.2022);

- second place at the Abstract Art Festival "Abstraktum-2022" (St. Petersburg, 28.06 - 3.07.2022);

- third place at the symbolic art exhibition "Zen Art Festival" (Moscow, 2-8.06.2022).