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Yurievich Nikita

born in 2003 • artist
Nikita Valeyev (Russian Nikita Valeev; real name - Nikita Yurievich Valeev; January 30, 2003, Simferopol, Russia) - Musician, songwriter, composer and musician.

The most famous compositions are: "Criminal", "Girl Top Remix". Also the author of beatmaker drumkit series: Chill Hit and Hyper Drill drumkits.


I was born in the Republic of Crimea in the city of Simferopol. Russian by nationality. Studied at Simferopol College of Radio Electronics, from 2019 to 2022. He has a secondary vocational education in Communications Operator.

He started studying music and became interested in it in his teens, when at music lessons for the first time he sang along to a song and wanted to learn how to create his own author's music. The first song that Nikita recorded was called "You Melt Like Snow". He wrote the song "Girl Top" in his 1st year at the Simferopol College of Radioelectronics.

Start musical careers

As a teenager, Nikita loved music lessons, he loved to sing and play musical instruments, for example, the first instrument that Nikita tried to play was the guitar, and then he tried to learn to play the piano.

Nikita started writing his first songs at the end of 2018. The songs were in the genre of Dubstep, CloudRap and Trap, but after six months closer to the middle of 2019 Nikita decided that he would move in the direction of rap, hip-hop and pop music including dance, House and Deep House.

In February 2020 released his first work called "You Melt Like Snow", in less than a month the second song "Girl Top" is released, together with Kayfurik. may 25 releases the song "Criminal", a week later, June 8, Nikita releases a song called "Dying" August 10 releases a sad song about love, called "1000 reasons" December 16, 2020 Nikita releases his first remix of the song "Girl Top", made together with the musical artist Kayfurik.

Personal Life

The only thing we know is that the musician prefers not to advertise his romantic relationship to the public, keeping the veil of secrecy. Fans and members of the media only speculate about Nikita's possible relationships.
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