Viktorovna Shukhovtseva

Russia • born in 1991

Biography and information

Shuhovtseva Anastasia Viktorovna, artist, Kaliningrad.

Contemporary painter from Kaliningrad. Took brushes in her hands at the age of 3. As a schoolgirl, she impressed her teachers with her ability to depict objects in her drawings with precision, with their features and character.
Anastasia received her art education in Tashkent. Life in the East and in Russia, travels in Europe and Asia had a tremendous influence on her art.
It is worth noting that in the works of the painter one can see the features of Impressionism. His mastery of light and color makes it possible to convey emotional states both romantic and contemplative, as well as lowly, life-affirming.
In addition, the use of different techniques on the canvases show the viewer and the emotional state of the artist at this or that moment in life. The abundance of details, peculiar expressive strokes make each of her paintings unique.
The artist's works are in private collections and public spaces in cities in Russia, Germany, Italy and other countries.
"In my opinion, art is first and foremost a state of mind. And the soul is holy in all of us who walk on sinful earth. The soul is free, it has its own mind, its own logic" (Marc Chagall).