Valerievna Kononenko

Russia • born in 1965 • artist

Biography and information

Kononenko Larisa Valerievna was born in the city of Blagoveshchensk Amur region in 1965. In 2007 she graduated with honors from the evening art department of the MOU in the city of Togliatti. In 2020 she graduated from Togliatti State University in the program "Academic Watercolor Painting". She studied at the Honored Artist of Russia Galeta S.G. Consists in a community "Watercolorists Togliatti". Repeatedly participated in city and regional exhibitions, was awarded numerous diplomas and certificates. Took part in exhibitions. Art exhibition "Watercolorists of Togliatti" 2016, art exhibition in folk gallery "Watercolorists of Togliatti" 2016, art exhibition "Watercolorists of Togliatti" 2017, art exhibition "Watercolor Still Life" 2018, buzuluk city "Buzuluk local history museum", art exhibition in the folk gallery "Watercolorists of Togliatti" 2018, winner of the watercolor biennale of the Volga region "Artblues 19", Togliatti Art Museum 2019. The works are in private collections in Russia. The artist's paintings are distinguished by the richness of colors and expressive pictorial technique. Kononenko's work successfully combines both motifs of the traditional realistic school of painting and elements of the modern style in art. The indomitable energy of the artist emanates from the paintings and is transmitted to the audience through emotions and feelings.
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    Watercolor, Oil
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    Still life, Fantasy
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