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Germany • 1815−1910

Andreas Achenbach (German. Andreas Achenbach; 29 Sep 1815, Kassel — April 1, 1910, düsseldorf) was a German landscape painter. The representative of the Düsseldorf school of painting. Brother Of Oswald Achenbach.

Teaching painting began in 1827 at the Kunstakademie in düsseldorf under Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow and Johann Wilhelm Schirmer. The early work of Achenbach marked by romanticism, over time, began to write realistic landscapes, contrasting with the romantic paintings created by his contemporaries. Painted the portraits.

The works of Achenbach you can find the New Pinakothek in Munich, the art galleries of Berlin, Dresden, Darmstadt, Cologne, düsseldorf, Leipzig and Hamburg.

Andreas Achenbach., famous landscapist and marine painter, born. September 29, 1815 in Kassel, was educated at the Düsseldorf Academy under the direction of I. Schirmer; traveled a lot. Settling in Dusseldorf in 1846, he became head of the school to which you went to learn a not only from different parts of Germany but from other countries. He has written countless types of the raging, calm sea and its shores in different seasons, under different atmospheric conditions, in different light; the motives of the pictures taken or from low-lying coasts of the Netherlands, or from the stern with rocks of the Scandinavian fiords, or from a friendly coastal points South of Italy. Achenbach often depicted a mountainous and flat landscape in Germany, particularly prilenskoe region, and city views, bustling market or a prison crowd. In his works the precise forms of nature, the power of the true colors and the perfect observance of the aerial perspective connected with great mastery of technical execution. Achenbach paintings scattered across Europe, in public galleries and private collections. The most famous among them: "Scheveningen dunes" (in the Berlin national gallery), "Storm off the Swedish coast" (Städel Institute in Frankfurt am main), "the Wreck of the steamship President" (in the Museum of Karlsruhe), "Hatangsky Fiord near Bergen" (Düsseldorf gallery) and some others. In the Museum of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts (Kushelevskaya gallery), there are two paintings by this artist: "Landscape with a pond and grazing cows" and "the storm".

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