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In lectures at the institute I noticed that if I do not write down, but draw, then, looking at the picture, I can remember everything the teacher talked about.
Looking at my work, I remember phrases, sentences, dialogues, in case there was a movie in the background, if there was music playing, then I remember every song that was played in this or that place in the drawing.
I believe that we interact with works of art not through critical perception, but through something deeper, and that each drawn thing at the moment of conception already has somewhere its future owner, someone with whom this emotional resonance will coincide completely, maybe not this year, not 10 years from now, but even many decades from now.
I draw only for egoistic reasons - for me it is a meditation, a way to catch a positive emotion and keep it until it dissolves completely in the drawing. That's why I only approach the process in a certain mood, and not in a break, and if I start, it's for at least six hours.
Silence, absence of people, phone off, a certain positive sound background - I try to give the picture only "positive" features.
Even the simplest-looking drawing takes at least 12 hours, while the average time spent on A4 format is at least 30.
In the process I use at least 200 gauge watercolor paper, Winsor & Newton, Calligraphy Ink, less often Malevich ink, isographs and fine pens.
If there is color on the paper - watercolor.
Other personal information, I do not think, is appropriate, it can distort the original emotional background of the drawing.
I don't work, I don't paint, I don't create, I just try to put dots in a way that they have a mood.

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