Russia • Novokuznetsk • born in 1965 • artist

Biography and information

I've had a taste for "Art" since I was in diapers
- Oh, Renaissance..
- Oh, Raphael..
My easels and oils, sketchbooks and watercolors, plein airs and nature work, those long-striped pencils and blotches..
Museums and exhibitions, expositions, books and magazines on Art... I burst into the world of Theatre in my youth where I spent my best years, premieres, plays, roles and unexpected turns of fate, but I still serve the Melpomene and still as my childhood I treat with gratitude the small joys of life, Christmas and the New Year.. I like coffee and chocolate, but at night when editors drop by and unload huge, multi-ton equipment lorries, and on winter nights when the stage is blown through Korman's open wide, I brew coffee and Dosherak ... That's how it is ... My theatrical characters ..