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Aleksandrovich Gritsai

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 2002 • artist
Mark Gritsay - born in 2002 in Nevinnomyssk. No art education. Self-taught can not call himself, because virtually nothing and did not study. All what he does is allow the images to flow onto the canvas. What form they take, what they will be in the eyes of the viewer, for him, this is another matter. All Mark needs is for them to get life.
Mark was introduced to masterpieces of Russian fine art in galleries and museums at an early age. Most of all he was interested in abstractionism, because artists from our country are among the pioneers of the avant-garde. This genre of painting is obliged to Russian artists, such as Kandinsky, whose picture he saw alive for the first time when he was 16 and marveled at it. He is able to convey feelings without transforming them into a concrete form, without framing his thoughts or trying to show something that already exists, but on the contrary, trying to convey feelings in their original form. This is how Marc feels about abstractionism.
"At 18, on my way home from work, I began to think more and more often that I could no longer contain the urge to paint. I realized that I needed to pour my feelings accumulated over the years onto the canvas. The images began to overwhelm me, and the feeling that if I didn't pour them out on canvas and depict what was swirling in my head, I would be sick to my stomach," is how Mark recalls his first oil painting, Hell.
In Mark's works there is no clear thought understandable to everyone, because they are clots of feelings and emotions. It is inspired by the books you've read, the movies you've seen, the music you've listened to, the things you've seen in your dreams and in your dreams.
What makes Mark's work unique is the way it looks. Everything the viewer sees is just an attempt to draw and create something that doesn't exist, an attempt to look into the mind and into everything that already exists in order to create something new. In order to fully experience the images in his paintings, Marc uses broad, three-dimensional strokes in his work to enhance the depth of feeling, for the sake of an immersive effect in the picture.
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