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Pavlovna Myasnikova

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Biography and information

Miasnikova (Dymshakova) Tatiana Pavlovna (St. Petersburg).
A favorite subject in painting, are landscapes, flowers, portraits. Nature itself inspires me to write them. And landscapes I was carried away by living in the most picturesque area, my small motherland - Siberia where fabulous beauty of Lake Baikal, where mountains, blooming rosemary and cedars rise into the sky. I often paint, not by copying, and showing creativity and my own imagination, conveying their thoughts, soul and emotions. I also very much like to paint flowers, I always paint them a lot. Portraits? Here I am inspired by my three children and my sisters.
"I draw because I can't do it without it. The ideas that inspire me can be different, sometimes they are ordinary things or people, landscapes, architecture, seen from an unusual angle and my personal vision or even are a fantasy. In my work I like to use juicy, pure colors when painting. I think therefore, the paintings have positive energy, which by the way testify to the reviews. I hope that my work will bring you pleasant emotions, and allow you to recharge and rest your soul.
Since 2017, she has been painting closely and as of 2021, she has painted about 200 works.
At the moment I am preparing for my own art exhibition. I still have huge plans and dreams - to work and create beautiful things, because - "Beauty will save the world!