Borisovna Gromova

born in 1954
Painter, member of the Union of Artists of Kyrgyzstan and representative of the St. Petersburg classical school of drawing, painting and composition.
Born in 1954 in Leningrad into a family of several generations of sculptors, Marina spent a lot of time in creative studios as a child. Her father, being an engineer, carved wood and drew. Her uncles were engaged in modeling. But the artist's great-uncle, Alexander Evstafievich Gromov, is especially famous. He created the most beautiful bas-reliefs of buildings, columns in the subway and triumphal arches, which long ago became part of the historical image of St. Petersburg. Since childhood, she loved to draw and sculpt. She lived with her parents in China for three years, where she was imbued with Eastern culture. She traveled extensively through the country with her parents, and over time this became her way of life as a nomadic artist. She graduated from the Leningrad Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry (now the Baron Stieglitz Academy of Art). After graduating from the Stieglitz Art Academy, she worked by profession, and in her spare time painted for the soul. Passion for Eastern culture together with trips to unique places in India, life in the mountains and meditation helped Marina to express her creativity in deep lively images filled with inner light. There is a place in Marina's work for graphics, painting, and arts and crafts. For a long time she was engaged in illustrations and drew only on flat surfaces - paper and canvas. But the love of multi-dimensionality inherited from her ancestors has finally led the native Leningrader to the stones and also to the nature of Kyrgyzstan. Her "Living Stones" project has been in existence for many years. As an experienced trainer and teacher, she shares her experience with many students. Since 2000 Marina has been teaching her own method of art therapy as well as intuitive drawing and drawing on stones. All her life Marina has been exploring her inner world and the outer world. Beginning with herself and people, she came to an understanding of balance and harmony. She touched the mystery, hidden behind the veil, during space expeditions. This is what helps her convey the space that surrounds us, the space that lives inside a person. "Through paintings I convey what you can read between the lines. Everything in this world is reflected in us, everything is one, whether it is nature or human, everything earthly or incorporeal. On the one hand, my paintings inspire people to fly their souls, and on the other hand, "stone parables" give people a strong support on the earth, so they can hear the voice of the Earth through mosaic patterns, where stones from different regions are put together into a single image". Marina Gromova is a regular participant of exhibitions in Central Asia, where she has lived half her life. She also takes part in exhibitions in different Russian cities. As a participant of an exhibition in Slovakia, she created a large sculpture "From the depths of centuries". Her personal exhibitions create an atmosphere of harmony and trust, reveal the mystery of being and give the feeling of being a part of something big. According to Marina herself, the secret of her transformational intuitive art is that looking at her paintings, people are transformed, healed and look into themselves much deeper. In her studio adults and children improve their brushwork or make their first strokes, and with the help of intuition.
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