born in 1950

Biography and information

Guillermo Alio Guillermo Alio Nascent Tucumán Nascent Tucumán (born June 25, 1950, Argentina) A famous tanguero artist and one of the best tango dancers in Buenos Aires.
He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 1972 and began participating in various exhibitions and salons in the country and abroad, where he received many awards and recognitions. He is currently on tour in cultural centers, universities and art galleries in various cities around the world, hosting exhibitions and lectures about art in the Argentine Tango culture. His name appears in several dictionaries and international art directories. Some of his works are in museum collections and private audiences in Argentina and abroad. His creation, winner of the 1999 Firenze CittDi, is a successful performance of the interactive art TANGO MULTIPLE, which includes dance, drawing, singing and other expressions related to stage interaction. His work has been admired by media outlets such as the Miami Herald, CNN, Discovery Channel, Jay Leno Tonight Show and Korean Television, among others. Awards and prizes: 1999 CittDi Firenze Prize. Biennale of Contemporary Art, Italy. QuHacemos Magazine Award 1993, Argentina 1986 First Certmen of Murals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ESSO Award 1985 for second place in the field of art, Argentina. Monocopia Prize 1983 National Salon, Argentina. 1982 Honorary Award from the Drawing Room of Tucumán, Argentina. 1981 First prize of the Givra Drawing Foundation, Argentina. 1980 First Place Braque. 1979 Second Prize Drawing, Santa Fe National Salon, Argentina. Drawing of the second prize Centenary of General Roca City, Argentina. First Prize Drawing. Villa Constitution, Argentina. Manuel Belgrano Municipal Prize Drawing, Argentina. 1977 Cottonwood Drawing Salon, Argentina. 1975 Certificate of Merit. National Drawing Salon, Argentina.