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Aleksandrovich Novikov

Russia • Moscow • born in 1965
graphic artist, illustrator.
Born in 1965 in the city of Penza. Graduated from the Penza Art College in 1980, specialty "artist designer. Upon graduation, was engaged in the restoration of churches, icons. In 1988, he entered the Moscow Art and Industry College "Stroganovka," in the department of "Art Design," subsequently renamed "Design. I took part in various student competitions, in one of which I won second place, organized by General Electric Plastics, and defended my project in Holland. In those years he began practicing watercolor. Made a series of works "Rostov the Great", one of which decorates the cover of the Folder of watercolor paper. He made illustrations for children's books and magazines. In 1993, he began a new series of watercolors "Moscow Yards". In addition to the basic idea that unites this series - corners of old Moscow, was applied an unusual technique of the image. Its difference is the sketchiness and lightness of the transfer of the object, as well as work with white background as an additional color and raggedness, incompleteness of the edges of the image which passed from illustration. According to the author's opinion, if the main thing is already drawn, why should we cover the entire page with color? The whole series is also united by the verticality, small size and fragmentation of the depicted objects. Steps, wickets, fences and other small objects quite well reflect the atmosphere of the old Moscow courtyards. After the series "Moscow Yards" appeared works in other formats. These are elongated "Panoramas", reflecting the perspective views and old streets of the city center. More "Square" in format works depict - squares, boulevards, alleys and embankments. They are present such objects of the urban environment as benches, lanterns, fountains, ponds, churches, creating an image of a cozy, lived-in, urban space, where a person is cozy and comfortable. In not usual for watercolor "big" formats, with detailed elaboration of fragments, the author depicts the important for the city squares and streets of the Russian capital. St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, according to the artist - the peak of the ancient masters of Moscow, and they should be depicted in a majestic way. In addition to urban subjects, the author turns to other objects of Central Russian nature, such as flowers. In the floral still lifes the artist tries to depict ordinary field and forest plants growing under our feet as precious, fabulous and exquisite. Watercolors are made in different complex techniques. In some cases they are monotypes, with further work in tempera, pastel, gouache. In others, it is a classical technique with fillings, glaze and various technical means. The main task is to depict and convey to the viewer the idea of a particular plot. In the plans of the author matures and prepares various projects. Further work on the series "Moscow Courtyards", the series "St. Petersburg", "White Nights", "Peterhof", a series of works on the theme "Large and Small Cities of Russia".
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