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Evgenyevna KonechenkovaPRO

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Landscape artist, works in oil, watercolor and pastel painting since 2011.

She began her creative journey in 2011 with an acquaintance with water-soluble oil, which allowed her to master the technique outside the studio due to the peculiarities of working with this material. Instead of painting realism in oil, the author began to try herself in the abstract genre, in particular in the free technique of liquid acrylic (fluid art). Her move to the studio allowed her to continue mastering free techniques at a higher level. The first Resine-art works appeared, namely the first panels made of resin with the inclusion of not only natural pigments, but also real samples of minerals, layer-by-layer mixing and imposition of techniques with the writing of layers in acrylic ink and obtaining a separate depth in a strong and durable material.

The mastering of watercolor technique in 2021 helped to return from applied works to more picturesque ones. The first steps toward true watercolor illustrations were taken. The works in watercolor absorbed the tendencies of the free flow of colors and pigments that are so characteristic of the liquid acrylic and resin technique. The illustrations are rich and picturesque. Work in the study of the material is constantly in progress.

This is how the transition from the most complex techniques was made to a material somewhat apprentice, but beloved by all painters and portraitists. Since 2022, the author has been working with pastels and developing his skills in drawing, with an emphasis on painterly emphasis.

"There is no material more unifying between the artist and the canvas than the pastel. The path from the thought image to the canvas is minimal here, because you can work without using additional tools. Asiya Konechenkova
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