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A mystical trail in the fall woods

Asiya Evgenyevna Konechenkova • Painting, 11.11.2023, 39×28 cm
About the artwork
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Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Landscape, Allegorical scene
Technique: Pastel
Materials: Cardboard
Date of creation: 11.11.2023
Size: 39×28 cm

Description of the artwork «A mystical trail in the fall woods»

"A mystical trail in the fall woods."
dry pastel, cardboard 39x28 cm, Oct-Nov 2023, Asiya Konechenkova

Autumn is undeniably a creative season, "...the enchantment of the eyes...". Every year I look forward to this moment, when the green leaves ripened over the summer begin to transform and bring to reality incredible tones of colors. Like any season of the year, autumn serves as a kind of boundary, the crossing of which marks the course of life for us. Maybe not for nothing our ancestors paid tribute to each season, celebrating various holidays, dressing them in intricate rituals. By marking milestones even just in our consciousness, we not only learn to accept the finitude of existence, but also allow ourselves to believe in the best that may await us in the new period. It's like the night from the 31st to the 1st, but not on such a grand scale. Despite all the unusualness and brightness of these months, I find them very challenging. It's hard without sunny days, it's hard to bear the waning days. And no matter how beautiful the environment is, and this year the weather is definitely pleasing us with a mild cold, and there were many sunny days, I feel how some soft and gentle force leaves me, and I become sadder and drearier day by day. I want to create, but I don't like the result or the work takes a long time. It's as if I freeze together with the nature that surrounds me and is now sinking into a deep sleep... In general, in November I am very much looking forward to winter, to that feeling that cold and frost gives, when you inhale the cold air and with it you feel how everything inside you hardens, how the string is stretched, and suddenly a fire starts to blaze inside, which allows you not only to overcome the cold and even pain, but also to overcome yourself, and that swamp of longing that dragged you to the bottom. And, yes, since some time now I have come to realize the importance of each season of the year, and I grumble about the weather more for the purpose of keeping up small talk, inside myself I am glad for the storm and the rain and the snow, though sunshine and warm breezes more, of course. But this time it's getting harder and harder to wait... The new story is a confirmation of my words. I've been working on it for a long time, a very long time. It's rather early fall here, but the shadows are already deep. The sun's rays the trunks inside the forest already see little. I worked on this painting for a month and a half, 5 layers of fixative, a new record. I needed to show that mystical dim light that illuminates the sensuous foliage, gently and steadily taking its color with it. This path exists only in my head, this is how I imagine the wise deciduous forest, though I have seen and see mostly only coniferous forest. Finally, I have walked this path and this year I can share my thoughts with you. And may the shadows on your path be shallow and the light illuminate your path through even the most impenetrable darkness!

PS The image has a small passahal, which may not be easy to see on a digital copy. But I think the attentive eye will find it. Hunting enthusiasts will understand me. ??? "Mystical Path in the Autumn Forest", dry pastel, cardboard 39x28 cm, Oct-Nov 2023