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Description of the artwork «Spell»

mixed technique

The walls were covered with pale flecks of blue-purple moss. It was soft to the eye, and seemed to sway, but when you touched it, it stiffened, as if trying to pretend to be part of the pattern on the wall.

She had never been in this part of the labyrinth. Some giant living organism had sprouted roots and tentacles through the masonry.

At the end of the corridor was a round door overgrown with moss and star-shaped growths of flesh of different colors. They looked like the masks of ancient sea creatures, covered with intricate ornaments.

As she approached, the central mask opened one of its tentacles so that there was a hole in the center, through which Florence saw herself, not as a reflection, but from the back. She stood amidst a mist of colored trees of all sorts of curved and twisted shapes.
The door barely moved as if inviting him in.

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