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- Kelarev

born in 1996 •
Graphic artist.

Pupil and assistant of an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, graphic artist Igor Alexandrovich Chernyshov in the creative workshop of the Art Grad printing house. Learns the techniques of traditional engraving. In 2018, on the basis of the St. Petersburg School of Television, the course "Fundamentals of Academic Drawing" was held. Since 2019, he has been taking a course in graphic technique with a duck feather beard. In combination, he is Chernyshov’s assistant in organizing and conducting master classes in graphic art of the Renaissance era and the Rublev school of icon painting - “Turn the pen over” course. Conducts workshops on linocut and etching.

Creator and host of the international art project "Postcards of the Worlds". The project of OTHER ART by Ivan Kelarev, under the supervision of the Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Igor Chernyshov.
The project began its existence on 03.06. 2018 on the basis of the creative laboratory of the Art Grad Printing House. The project includes creative, research and exhibition activities.

The mission of the project is to create multifaceted visual images, presenting the viewer with the opportunity to “testify about the unknown and look into the unknowable”

The aim of the project is to present an alternative, unparalleled author’s concept of artistic expression, creating a new direction in the visual arts.


1) Create and replenish the fund of OTHER ART of the 21st century

2) Search and association of talented experimental artists around the world to create an international union of advanced artists

3) Departures to the countries of near and far abroad for the purpose of international cooperation with art funds, museums, galleries, art centers, publishing houses.

4) An engraving of the works of Carlos Castaneda (it is planned to create 250 illustrations and 12 covers). Texts of the complete works of Carlos Castaneda. Castaneda's best-selling books are illustrated for the first time since publication in 1968.

5) The formation of new and relevant trends in art.

Illustrated in the engraving of the work of Carlos Castaneda (it is planned to create 250 illustrations and 12 covers). Castaneda's best-selling books are illustrated for the first time since publication in 1968.

The author of a series of engravings "The Adventures of Samovar", "complex", "Socium", "The Paradox of the Universe", "Architectural Composition".

Since 2018, participates in the construction of ice sculptures in the Rostov Kremlin Museum-Reserve, Rostov the Great. Together with the professor of painting A.S. Sheboldaev held an open lesson with students at the RSU named after A.N. Kosygin on the topic "Techniques and techniques of printed graphics." Fulfilled a private order for the creation of prints. Pornic city, France. Fulfilled the order for the production of linocut from the cover of the music album "REDLAZER" of the group "Dub TV".

The artist's works are in private collections in Russia and abroad, museums, government agencies, organizations, galleries, private foundations.
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    Создатель и ведущий интернационального арт-проекта «Открытки Миров». Проект ДРУГОГО ИСКУССТВА Ивана Келарева, под кураторством Почетного члена Российской академии художеств Игоря Чернышова. Проект начал свое существование 03.06. 2018 года на базе творческой лаборатории печатного дома «Арт ГрадЪ». Миссия проекта - создавать многогранные визуальные образы, представив возможность зрителю «свидетельствовать о неизвестном и заглядывать в непознаваемое" Цель проекта – представить авторскую концепцию где основой построения композиции выступает преимущественно пятно, являясь одним из средств художественной выразительности и представляет собой авторское направление в изобразительном искусстве – эвристическая графика - (греч. εὑρίσκω — «отыскиваю», «открываю»)
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