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Russia • Tomsk • artist

Biography and information

Hi, my name is Katerina Chekrygina. I am an artist from Siberia.

I live and work in a small, cozy Tomsk. Native and beloved city disposes to creativity - there is time and mood to create. I have been drawing since my childhood, and after school I got a professional higher education in painting.

Periodically I paint pictures to order, often I sell ready-made ones. Now I set a goal - to draw every day, almost)
I prefer oil painting. This technique gives a sense of volume, depth, space, bright colors and richness. However, I do not limit myself only with oil; I try myself in graphics, watercolors and experiment in mixed media.
My finished works, as well as the process of their creation can be viewed in my account on Instagram - @chekryginaart.

Most of all I love to write the sky! It is fascinating. Stop in the bustle of the city, look up, you will see the most beautiful picture in the world and for a few moments you will forget about everything. This is good! The sky is always different, so you can write it endlessly, conveying a completely different mood, yours and nature.

I hope that my work will show you the beauty of ordinary things and our world!