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  • Seated Nude
  • Portrait Of P. F. Bessonova.
  • Early spring
Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin
Collecting leonid legeev
30 artworks • 1 likes
  • We go to Argue light
  • Water nymph
  • Evening on the terrace (Serenade)
Collecting Irina Olikh
394 artworks • 4 likes
  • Sarah Siddons, née Kemble (Mrs. Siddons with the emblems of tragedy)
  • Horatio Nelson
  • The secret of British greatness (Queen Victoria presenting a Bible in the hall for the audience at the Windsor)
Added By Rita
Collecting Rita Lozinskaya
144 artworks • 0 likes
  • A woman in the chest
Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin
Collecting Olga Potekhina
1 artwork • 0 likes
  • Storm on the sea
  • Fantastic creatures
  • Opening
Collecting Yana Sasina
30 artworks • 0 likes
  • Two girls
Nicolai Fechin
Collecting Olga Potekhina
1 artwork • 0 likes
  • Anthropometry 12
  • Anthropometry 11
  • Large blue anthropometry
My collection
Collecting Tatyana Somova
2,453 artworks • 15 likes

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