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I was born in Moscow. I spent my childhood and youth in Switzerland, whose nature inspired me to take up painting, and this prompted me to enter the Moscow Architectural Institute, which at the time had one of the strongest painting departments in the country. The education I received at MARKhI was the foundation of my future growth as an artist. There I learned how to build a composition, sense of color, proportions, shadows and other wisdom of drawing and painting. The beginning of my main creative path coincided in time with the rejection of the figure of a woman as a creative person in my country and I had to work under the pseudonym of Pavel Nesterov. During this period I created a large number of paintings in oil and acrylics, many of which decorate private collections.
By experimenting with techniques, materials and my emotions, I achieve the consonance of my perception of reality and the powerful flow of the world ether. At the moment I am passionate about color graphics, which attracts me with its laconic forms and sharpness of lines
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