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Biografie und Informationen

Ryan Valdem (creative pseudonym of artist Vladimir Khlyabich) (born in 1989, Pyatigorsk) is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (since 2015).

Ryan is a professional artist with many years of experience. Having a penchant for creativity from an early age, he enrolled in the University of Design where he received classical fundamentals of academic painting, perspective and composition (2006-2012). After graduation, he did not connect his life with design, but focused entirely on his paintings and creative path.
Ryan strives for the ideas embodied in his paintings to push the boundaries of contemporary art. He puts light and positive energy into each of his paintings.
His main source of inspiration is music. Each painting is an adventure that begins with the first thought and ends with the last stroke, and each movement creates life on the white canvas. It can be a play of light and shadow, some silhouette. Everything else is just a frame that helps to emphasize the main theme.
Ryan has researched the techniques of the old masters and adapted their fundamentals to more contemporary and abstract works. The artist uses the best quality materials to create museum quality paintings.
Two works are in the collections of the Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk museums.